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7 Words That Could Change Your Day

The words stayed with me long after my vacation in Maine

long after I’m miles and miles from the store

long after the long summer days have ended.

“It’s Going to be a Wonderful day.”

Yes, that’s how she greeted us each morning when I pay for

 my hot vanilla coffee

 and blueberry muffin.

Big smile on her face

and those words.

“It’s going to be a wonderful day.”

I always received them like a blessing on my day.

Of course it would be wonderful.

Why I was on vacation and the sun was shining

and well it couldn’t possibly be anything less.

But what about today?

My coffee is poured on this early Friday morn

 and I’ve had my morning Quiet time

and then those words come to mind

It’s going to be a wonderful day.

I could feel myself smiling,

But then…

what about all the pain

the suffering

the known huge struggles all around?

Those still exist .No denying that.

But in the midst of it all

to declare that it will be a wonderful day is more about a

personal  statement than about  the conditions all around us.

No, it’s an inner preparation –

a mental mindset-

to declare right at the beginning

it WILL be a wonderful day.

Reminds me of ‘This is the Day that the Lord has made

and I will rejoice and be glad in it.’


A gift.

A declaration.

A truth.

No matter what

It’s going to be a wonderful day.

Suddenly I feel  energetic, and strong and upbeat.

It gives a  clearer perspective of hope

that prepares  me for whatever lies ahead.

Yes, I might not have the ocean but I have this gift. These 7 simple words.

At the beginning of the day

to declare

that it will be a wonderful day.

Guess I have a new way to start my day.

Instead of waiting to see

I’m calling it. And encouraging you.

If every day you began it by saying to yourself

‘It’s going to be a wonderful  day’

wouldn’t that help? A lot.

You might just find it helpful too.

Try it with me.

And please take the time to share with me your experience.



Four Simple Words That Changed Everything

At the time it hardly grabbed my attention.

My heart was broken in a zillion pieces so I didn’t see the significance.

Empty. Dashed dreams.  Pain beyond words.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would walk this lonely path.


I remember the kindness of the man who listened that day to my heart.

Like soothing ointment on a deep gash, he softly spoke words of hope and encouragement.

“You could always adopt.”

That was it.

Four simple words.

At the time I pushed them away.  That idea didn’t fit the vision of my life.

White cape cod with a picket fence around it. Happy children looking out the windows,

A mother and a father.

No, it didn’t fit what I thought was God’s plan for my life.

So at that time after shaking my head and making some dismissive remark

I never gave any more thought to it.

But sometimes –

Many times

We have no idea the significance of a simple conversation

or phrase

or word.

Four months went by. An ordinary day.

Still empty. Hurting. Struggling to heal. To go on.

Suddenly those four words came to mind –

Seemingly out of nowhere.

You can always adopt.

Strange but this time I listened

and wrestled within.

Me? Me, Lord? Could that possibly be Your Will?

And that was the beginning of my long journey to adopt.

A journey that led to Russia.

A journey that showed me the Father’s Love in an unmistakable way –

healing my broken heart and bringing beauty for ashes in so many ways.

Four simple words.

So I ponder again our simple, day in day out conversations and writings.

We never know, do we,

the impact we are having on another life?

Speaking and writing behind the veil so to speak

our insight is limited

but nothing is insignificant.

Words are remembered whether spoken or read.

Ideas are planted for good or for bad.

So may I embrace each day with a sense of the sacredness of life

and speak and write with understanding, wisdom and compassion.

Who knows the very power our words might have to change another’s life!

Humbling. Awesome.

Guided by the Unseen One.

Used for His Divine Purpose.

One conversation can change everything.

The steps of good men are directed by the Lord. He delights in each step they take. Psalm 37:23sunrise december 1