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Me? A Prayer Runner?

It happened  quite by accident.

Mornings began early with me putting on my running shoes

and leaving my house.

 It was just beginning to grow lighter

and my running settled into a moderate pace.

Listening to the awakening birds.

Watching the first light.

Admiring the flowers with dewdrops on their petals.

My first prayers were ones of thanks.

“Thank you, Lord, for creating such a beautiful world.”

“Thank you for the birds singing in the early morning.”

Thank you, God.”

And gradually my conversation with God changed to

“Forgive me, Lord, for worrying about that.

Help me to trust you.”

My conversations with God were an undistracted time

when I could simply pour out my heart.

“Boy, I really need wisdom in handling that….”

One thought after another became a prayer.

Sharing with the One I loved more than anything or anyone

and listening to His quiet whisper.

My steps kept on and so did my conversation with the Father.

Somehow my prayers grew deeper out there on the streets

in the early morning.

Somehow I sensed I had connected with His Pleasure

as I ran.

Hills became nothing as I was deep in my conversations.

Way before I was ready to be done

my morning run was over

and I showered and dressed for my job as a first grade teacher.

But these prayer runs set a foundation for me.

One that focused me, nourished my soul, and grew within me

a relationship that has been so precious through the years.

Yes, I could have prayed at home

Or in the car

Or at a church

But for me, this rhythm of prayer runs

Became a place where I knew and was known.

God seemed to run with me.

Smiling His pleasure.

Some folks have discovered the benefit of prayer walks.

But for me, the prayer runs are the diamonds

in the midst of ordinary living.

Through them I have been transformed

from a stressed out woman to one who is continually growing stronger.

And if one day I’m not able to run and pray

I will walk

always enjoying the wonder

that He walks with me and talks with me.

That wonder never grows old.

What’s In Your Way?

spring flowers1There is something exciting about writing a new blog.

Burdens are temporarily lighter and I finally am able to put words to heart

and sentences to feelings.

Yesterday I went out to run a few miles but found myself surrounded by so much beauty

flowering trees, sparkling water fountains, and birds –

lots of singing birds. I had to stop.

I slowed my pace, came to a halt and reached inside my jacket for my cell phone.

It’s one of those that I can use to take photos.

With my attention focused on a gorgeous blooming deep pink azalea

I tried to focus my camera


however I turned it

all I could see was my own face.

My frustration mounted as I moved the camera this way and that way

but nothing worked.

The only photo that I could take had me in the forefront.

I finally gave up, put the camera back in my pocket and ran the rest of the way home.

“All I could take was myself,” I groaned to my almost 21 year old.

She reached her hand out for my phone and showed me the place to click.

“Somehow that got turned on but you can turn it off here,”

But why in the world would people want to take photos of themselves so much

that there is something you have to turn on and turn on?

It still puzzles me.

In a world where we are surrounded with beauty on every side

gifts from the Father’s Hand

treasures to be cherished.

Oh I’m all for a photo here and there

But why focus on ourselves when He is the Altogether Lovely One.

It has me thinking still –

Am I so obsessed with myself

to the point that I miss all that is around me at times.

Forgive me, Lord. Help me to lift my eyes higher

and give me Your Eyes to see what is most important in a quickly changing world.

Open my eyes that I might see –

Glimpses of truth Thou hast for me.






Shining Moments

School is out. The pool is open and summertime fun is here again.

While straightening up last week I came upon an old jar.

For anyone else it would simply be that.

A jar with a partially rusted lid with holes in it.

But that jar held within it the sounds and squeals of summers past

     when we would catch fireflies.

Catching fireflies. My mind races back to

  summers in Kansas City, Missouri

      racing across the neighborhood yards clasping my jar

        and being  so proud of that one little firefly that I caught

        even though the other kids could always seem to catch more.

Amazing creatures, aren’t they, as their lights go on and off?

And then my memory goes forward to when my daughter

     was ever so young.

When it began to get dusk

   I’d give her a jar

       and she would giggle and squeal

          as she caught first one

             and then another

               But then the first one would get out before she could get the second one in.

“Be careful when you take off the lid,” I’d say.

But that was hard for such a young one to manage. Those small hands and fingers.

So I’d go beside her

    and together we would quickly take off the lid

        Capture another one

            and fast as lightning

              snap the lid back on.

We’d watch those fireflies light up that jar.


   Enjoying the night sounds on a warm summer’s eve

      And then

          before going to bed

open the jar and let them all go free.

Summer memories.

Then when I had another little girl

     We taught her how to catch the fireflies

         To marvel at their tiny size

                and the greatness of that light.

The world has changed a lot, hasn’t it?

Cell phones.


But there’s something still amazing to me

    about those little fireflies. I’m struck by wonder as I gaze at them.

You might want to relive your childhood memories by catching some yourself this summer.

The following link will give you some good ideas.


Have fun catching them,

     handle them gently

         and be sure to let them go.

Enjoy some shining moments.

Grab your jar

     Make sure there are tiny holes in the lid.

        And experience the joys of a simple pleasures.

Yes, my jar is all ready for another summer of catching fireflies

and so am I.

Once more my heart is lifted up in thanks to be alive.