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Choices Choices and More Choices

My eyes stared at all the blueberry muffins, apple muffins, chocolate chip muffins,

delicious looking scones, almond biscotti and so much more.

How could I possibly choose?

Seconds turned to minutes as I stood there.

If there had been only two or three options my choice would have been easier,

But here, faced with what seemed like a zillion choices, a sense of paralysis crept over me,

I knew each choice would be tasty

but I wanted the best, the tastiest. Perfect.

One choice.

So I stood and pondered.

Back and forth.

Life is filled with choices. Many not as simple as what breakfast item to choose.

Do I attend college? Can I afford college?

What job do I take?

Where do I live?

Do I marry? Have children? Adopt? Biological?

How do I spend my time today.

And on and on and on.

Our choices reveal who we really are.

How do I deal with the changes of Covid 19?

What is my attitude?

It all goes back to choice, doesn’t it?

When you think about it I realize that

attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Perspective is a choice.

Kindness is a choice. Respect is a choice.

And whatever our choice is…..makes us.

No, life is much more complicated than a simple breakfast choice that has little consequence

but we can learn much about the power of choice in our lives.

Our choices say much about us.

Our choices impact others.

“Choose you this day who you will serve.” Joshua 24:15

Remember that call to action by Joshua of old.

And simply to not choose is still a choice.

A choice to put faith in God and to live for Him powerfully impacts the rest of our life.

Choose carefully.

Yes, I finally chose a blueberry muffin that day and was very pleased with my choice.

I’ve also chosen to follow the Lord with all of my life and that choice is the foundation

of everything for me.

How about you?

Faced with an endless assortment of choices

what have you chosen?

Choose wisely.

Choose carefully.

Choose today.


Where Do You Look For Help?

Where do you look for help?

Difficulties abound. Financial disaster. Disease. Decisions.

Debates rage. Back and forth. Emotional pain.

Where do you look for help?

Politicians want us to look to them for assistance.

Doctors want us to look to them for healing.

Administrators want us to look to them for solutions.

But no matter how they try

   those sources are imperfect.

Years ago when in a tough place David penned these words.

“My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121

If we look to politicians we will be disappointed.

If we look to physicians we will be confused.

If we look to friends and family we will grow more and more frustrated.

Only God is worthy of our trust and confidence.

He knows the beginning from the end.

The Lord sees and knows the way we should take.

Our wisdom is found in crying out to Him and then waiting on Him.

Listening. Being still. Seeking His Will above all.

Where do you look for help?

My help comes from the Lord.

How about you?



Shining Moments


The words caught my attention in the midst of a busy day.

We had been talking about twitter.

Sorry, but that is really only if your famous

and well…..

Famous?! I have no desire to be famous.

But faithful, yes.

To the One Who loves us came with a purpose.

To live and then die for sinful man

To pay the price for our sin.

To defeat death

and redeem us.

To show us how to live and love.

On every seemingly ordinary day, His Voice calls out,

“I love you.

        Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden.

        And I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Rest, He offers.

Not more work.

Another agenda.

A schedule of more and more busynesses.

No, He offers His life for ours.

Yes, there might be work but it will flow from Him through us


as the ocean tides comes in and goes out.

As we receive Him

His thoughts,

His purpose,

His Love

we give it out

and live it out

in simple,

everyday ways.

One simple conversation with a neighbor becomes holy ground

as we genuinely share concern and hope.

Playing the piano for one

with the angels singing

becomes laced with more importance and meaning to the Lord

than maybe playing in a huge concert hall.

Famous? No, I have no desire to be famous

actually I pray for those who are famous. Their lives are not easy.

The cost is high.

But faithful, yes that is my heart’s desire, my purpose

One day after another

to faithfully serve Him

my whole being at His service

whatever He says

wherever He sends.

To not hold back

but to give thanks to Him in a world that sometimes doesn’t want to hear

to freely, freely serve.

Be Thou my Wisdom

And Thou my true Word

I ever with Thee and Thou with me Lord

Faithfully serving

Faithfully sharing

my heart faithfully beating for the Lord of my Heart.

Do you long for that too?

If so, please let me know.