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Transforming Disappointments

Disappointment stings.

And sometimes no matter how much you tell yourself

  there are factors

   its not personal

   its ok

inside your heart you feel disappointed.

I wish I could take it away,

  wash it away,

  scrub the pain away

  throw it in the trash

but I just can’t.

But this I can do.

I can remember this.

No pain is ever wasted

No actions are ever useless

No sorrow is ever for nothing

No God

  uses it for good.

That’s the economy of God.

No waste.

He uses every disappointment

 To build us

  To mold  us

  To shape us

Into all He wants us to be.

His vessels.

His servants.


So if you are dealing with disappointment today.

Remember this.

His Love for you is everlasting

 And there are no disappointments with God.

Suddenly I feel abit lighter.

How about you?


Who Me? Be Strong?

As I write this we are in the 9th day of January.

Woman after woman shares with me her feelings of failure and disappointment.

New Years Day resolutions are already buried under

   Efforts to simply survive 2020.

And for those who know there is more to life

  the question begs for an answer

“Can I possibly be strong – strong in my soul – in this day?”

All around we see the erosion of moral values.

Deep within we are aware of our human weakness.

So can we possibly grow strong – soul strong – today?

I honestly believe so.

For again and again I have seen the when the storm winds blow

the roots do deep.

And oh how my heart longs for those deep roots of strength.

“I feel like such a failure,” she said and bent her head.

“Honestly I feel so ugly,” another woman admitted.

“Me? Oh I’m just a mess inside but I’d never admit it to another”.

My heart leaps out to these women and so many like them

who suffer alone with doubts, confusion and disappointment.

The superficial answers of today

    The skin-deep solutions

 Just.don’t. last.

No, they don’t and they won’t.

True strength – real soul strength- is found in One alone.

And it is only as I draw near to Him

   And dig deep into His Truths

That I discover a strength that lasts.

It is not dependent on my emotions, my moods, the latest best seller.

It is not conditioned on my financial security, or the amount of education I have.

No, it’s solely based on the character of God.

His everlasting Love.

His Plan and Purpose for my life.

His unchanging Nature.

There is a hunger all around for Truth that changes lives.

There is a longing to grow strong.

Let these words sink deep within –

1-3 Thank you! Everything in me says “Thank you!”
    Angels listen as I sing my thanks.
I kneel in worship facing your holy temple
    and say it again: “Thank you!”
Thank you for your love,
    thank you for your faithfulness;
Most holy is your name,
    most holy is your Word.
The moment I called out, you stepped in;
    you made my life large with strength.   Psalm 138:1-3 Msg


He wants to give you that strength today.

A strength that can face whatever storms you might face

A strength that will give you confidence to boldly embrace

His Truth in a crazy world.

Interested in growing strong – soul strong- this year?

Join me and others as we do just that.

It will transform your life.







Shining Moments

Sometimes it begins with a subtle nagging

a sense that something is just not right

that there is more

something more that you must do  or be or discover.

Deep within you is more potential that you can imagine.

God created you that way

but all too often we settle for less

far less.

Yes, we become comfortable and settled in our lives.

Change is hard. Very hard.

This past week I was jogging early in the morning

when suddenly I saw a gorgeous yellow and blue butterfly on the pavement.

I stopped and walked over to it. There’s something wrong about a butterfly on the ground.

It was meant to be flying and flitting from flower to flower.

It’s easy to see what the purpose of a butterfly is

but unfortunately we oftentimes don’t see our own.

There is a butterfly deep within and you were39224_13957sunrise made for more than the ground.

But how do you release the butterfly within?

First, become aware that there is more.

You were created for a purpose far beyond what you can see and grasp.

Second, be willing to get a coach to help you discover your strengths and your unique purpose.

Third,  take a step of courage to dream that with God you can.

Some of you reading this blog have done exactly that.

You noticed that subtle nagging and knew that there was more.

You longed to release that butterfly within yourself

and you began to explore what the change was all about.

There is nothing more exciting than in working with someone and seeing them begin a new chapter in their life. Seeing them begin to discover the butterfly that is within them.


Just contact me at heartprintscoaching.com

Remember, life looks completely different from the view of a butterfly.