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Shining Moments

New Years Eve 2012

Chinese food

My daughters and I knew in advance what we would do

and although the particular restaurant changed

we knew it would be Chinese.

That’s been a tradition of ours for many years now.

Traditions bind us together

like new pjs at Christmas

and Nana’s AP Christmas cookies.

In a world that continually changes

it’s wise to have a few traditions.

Times when you all celebrate a certain way.

Our church has a contemporary service and two traditional services.

Both are important.

It’s healthy to keep growing and to try new things

and it’s also healthy to have special traditions

that bind your family together.

A tradition can be a simple as holding hands before you pray

as we do.

Or three hand squeezes to say I love you

followed by two squeezes saying me too.

Talking about and writing our goals for the New Year

Watching It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas time.

Then my mind wanders to another tradition.

Early in the morning as we sit down for breakfast

we pull out the Bible and open it to the day’s reading.

Words of Life

Words of Truth

Words of Hope and Comfort

followed by the day’s devotion.

A tradition that anchors our hearts deep in the Father’s Love

before the day unfolds.

Together we pray asking Him to guide us and to strengthen us in all we do.

Traditions that knit our hearts as one.

Do you have some traditions that you keep?

It might not be something you do every year

but an activity or practice that has deep meaning for all.

Keep those traditions

and may they continue to add meaning to your life.

Adoption Day is coming for us….

another tradition that has lots of meaning.

How about you?

Maybe it’s time to start a tradition…

If so, what will you do?



Shining Moments

Christmases of long ago blend

with Christmas now.

Memories of delicious popcorn balls

and boxes of  hard candy.

Christmas programs.

The sound of my older brother

reciting Matthew 1:18-25.

Whenever I hear those familiar words

‘now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise’

my eyes fill with tears

and I remember that Christmas program

of long ago.

He was dressed as a shepherd and I an angel.

Shining moments of long ago.

And then my thoughts skip to

beautiful Christmas concerts

as I hear certain songs.

Amy Grants ‘Emmanuel’

and my Mom singing ‘There’s a Song in the Air’.

For a few years we had a Christmas Eve program

at home. Just my family.

My younger brother played the trumpet;

my older one the clarinet.

I’d play the piano and my mom sang.

My sister sang=

Yes, I can still hear her singing

“It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas’.

Precious, shining moments of long ago

that brighten my life today.

All of it

reminding me of the tender bonds of love

gifts from the Father’s Hand.

The old wagon that dates back to when my father was a child

holds teddy bears and my old tiny tears doll.

My heart holds it all.

Along with the old memories and the ones of today

the golden thread of Christmas

shines brightly.

“Glory to God in the highest,

and on earth peace  to men on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

Let the wonder of the memories surround and fill you this Christmas.

And through it all

sense His Love and everlasting care

for you.

Make this Christmas your best Christmas ever, won’t you?

Take time to be quiet

Take time to be still

and enter softly  into the heart of Christmas.