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Shining Moments


Hearts thirsty for love

and belonging.

Souls thirsty for forgiveness and redemption.

Minds thirsty for truth.

Bodies thirsty for water. Living water that satisfies our deepest need.

We live in a world that drains and exhausts all our energies.

Day after day the sun beats down.

With sweat trickling down our faces we push on and on.

One more day

another project

more challenges to face. Relationship issues to resolve.

Thirsty for rest.

Oh, so very thirsty.

And the Master whispers to those who hear,

“Anyone who drinks the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.” (John 14:4)

My soul leaps at those words.

Never thirst.

Satisfied completely? Forever. Wonder of wonders. How can it be?

Living water. Deep down and running over.

Filling all those empty places with fresh, bubbling, pure water.

Drinking from the springs of living water.

Happy now am I

My soul is satisfied.

There is no place else where we will be satisfied completely.

No One else Who can meet our every need.

As I walk beneath the blooming dogwoods and admire their beauty,

my heart once more breaks forth into songs of thanksgiving.

Let’s tell the world of the One Who satisfies.

Sing His Song of greatness.

Sing His Song of love.

He’s great enough to know your deepest heartache

He’s kind enough to heal your wounds.

Shining Moments all around as we gaze upon His Face.

Not just at Easter but every day.

Living water he offers again to you and me. Joy overflowing.

Drink deep, my friends,

and keep drinking. Yes, keep on drinking.

Thirsty For More


Ash Wednesday brings memories of being in school and seeing some of my classmates with ashes on their foreheads. I did not understand Lent back then. I dare say I am only just beginning to grasp its meaning today.

Lent is a time of reflection.

A time of looking within and asking questions.

Do I really thirst to know Him?

Am I really moving closer to an ever-deepening relationship with Christ Who loves me so much?

And if not, what is blocking that?

Our fast spinning world seems to work against people having time and quiet to think.

It is all too easy to move from Valentines candy to Easter baskets before we pull out the Christmas tree again. Our souls are thirsty for more.

We were made for more than this.

But how do we satisfy this thirst? How do we get on a life-giving satisfying path?

“Come onto Me.” (Matt. 11:28)

“He that believeth in Me…” (John 7:38)

“shall never thirst.”(John 4:14)

Only as we make time for knowing Him and growing spiritually will we discover our thirst quenched and our souls becoming vibrant with life.

Time. More time?

No, we all have only 24 hours each day. I think it’s more about learning how to spend that time.  Choosing to slow down and letting ourselves draw close to the One Who loves us.

Are you thirsty for more?

Draw close to the Living Water and you will thirst no more.


One choice in the right direction changes everything.

Surround yourself with water and let that be a tangible sign.

Dr. Pepper can’t do it. Mountain Dew? No way. Coke? Pepsi?

Let it all go. Don’t let anything take the place of Water in your life.


Be thirsty no more.