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When Life Is Plan B


I don’t know about you but from the time I was a little girl I had an idea of how I wanted life to be. I planned to marry my handsome prince, live in a small, white cape cod house surrounded by a white picket, have 7 children, and yes, live happily ever after. That was my Plan A.

Well life has unfolded in a different way for me. Instead of a handsome prince I am raising my girls as a single parent. Instead of that nice white cape cod, we live in a cozy townhouse. Instead of 7 children I am blessed with 2.  Instead of……

Plan A has become Plan B.

So what do you do when life doesn’t turn out the way you thought and hoped.

That’s where we all have a choice.

On the one hand we can grumble and complain and shake our fist at God.

By doing that  though we would miss all the wonder, all the beauty of Plan B.

No the other option is to be thankful for Plan B.

I choose to do that. Yes, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of my Plan B life.

God knew just what would delight me and bring me so much joy in life.

Oh someday I still might experience some of my Plan A life.  Hopefully not the 7 children though. I have found 2 is just the right number for me.

But I am learning to be grateful for the life I have been given. I am experiencing a life that trusts God and taking one day at a time.

How about you?  Are you living your Plan A life? Or are you living Plan B?

Join me this Thanksgiving in being grateful for all things. Especially a Plan B life.

How about it?

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends.

Thanksgiving Full

It was Thanksgiving. My older brother and I were so excited as we smelled all the food. Turkey and stuffing. Beans and cranberry salad. Potatoes and corn pudding. And best of all pumpkin pie. Our eyes could hardly take in all the delicious dishes.

“Bet I can eat more than you,” my nine year old hero brother said giving me a poke in the ribs and grinning from ear to ear.

I looked up at him and pondered. His stomach might be a little bigger than mine but surely I could make up for it in determination. I, at seven, hungered to beat him good.

“No, you can’t,” I countered entering the Thanksgiving race to see who could eat the most.

So that year while we sat at our Thanksgiving table all my thoughts were on eating more than my grinning brother sitting across from me who quickly devoured everything on his plate and asked for more.

Well as you can probably guess, we ate and ate and ate. Long after the rest of the family was done my brother and I continued to eat.

Until, my stomach felt like it would explode.

I knew I was done.

Looking into his eyes now serious I said defeatedly, “I’m done. I can’t eat any more.”

“Me too,” he groaned and pushed away from the table.

Within minutes he and I rolled on the carpet side by side groaning in pain. Our simple game had backfired leaving us to endure misery for hours that day. Thanksgiving full.

Although I smile as I remember that day it taught me that Thanksgiving is so much more than seeing how much you can eat. No its about remembering your blessings and realizing how very full God has made you.

His love continues to bless me in so many ways. My daughters, my family, health and strength, and you.

Yes, each one of you that read this blog means so much to me. Many of you I know but there are some of you whom I have never met. Yes, you are special blessings to me.

So this Thanksgiving although I will enjoy all the food I don’t plan to set any records.

But you can be sure I will be thinking of you.

Because of you, I am Thanksgiving Full.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!