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Holding Hands and Bowed Heads

Thanksgiving pastMy heart overflows with thanksgiving for so many things –

blessings of health

and blessings of care

but probably at this time of year more than any other

my heart turns toward home

and the blessings of loved one He has placed in my life.

Life was not always  easy growing up at a time when black and white TV was exciting

and the 5 and 10 cent store was the norm  but it was good.

Yes, it was good.

My parents worked hard to provide for my two brothers and sister and I

and Thanksgiving always was celebrated together

holding hands with heads bowed

thanking the Lord for His many blessings.

Memories of those days of long ago

and those thanksgiving prayers

warm my heart today many years later.

Some things have changed

but that sense of living bowed before His Presence remains.

Knowing that He is our Lord and that He is the One Who provides for us.

As I begin gathering extra potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin and cranberries

and order the turkey- yes, the biggest turkey-

Thanksgivings of the past become one with Thanksgiving now.

May my heart bow low before Him

alive with the wonder that He is the same. Always the same.

Love enfolding all our hearts and drawing us to Himself

for His Purpose and Peace.




Shining Moments

“Let’s take the time to thank those who have touched our lives.”
We discuss it around our table at home.



Ways to do it.

So my nineteen year old decided to thank her second grade teacher.

She sat thinking

and then the keys started clicking.

“Finished.” she announced with a big smile.

Back and forth the conversations continued

wondering where she was today.

Did she still teach at the small private school?

Yes, she learned. Same school.

Today we all hopped into the car

and traveled down a road  that used to be so familiar.

Every school day

morning and afternoon

second grade through fifth.

Those were the years our family experienced a failed adoption

and then the adoption of Jenny.

As we got out of the car

and walked toward the big door,

we both felt the strangeness.

Time passes too quickly. It has been 8 years.

Lots of changes.

Today Noelle is a college student.

Studying to be a teacher.

I glanced as she walked before me

long dark curly hair

taller now

more confident

a beautiful woman

wanting to step back and say thanks.

Through the we went and down the narrow steps

to the familiar office.

The familiar face of the kind

always efficient Mrs. Schuyler lit up with joyful, recognition.

“Noelle,” she squealed getting up from her seat

and coming to give her a hug.

After exchanging a few words,

Noelle inquired where her old teacher was now.

“Down this way,” she said motioning with her hand

for us to follow.

I glanced at the art work on the walls remembering that time

when my daughter’s  papers hung.

We stopped in front of the door of the classroom

while the secretary asked to speak with the teacher.

“Someone wants to see you,” she said.

She came to the door

looked around and then her eyes landed on Noelle.

The next few minutes were too beautiful to put into words.

Arms embraced.

“What are you doing here?” Mrs. Willett asked obviously moved.

“I wanted to come back and give you this card…

to say thank you for all you did for me.”

For just a second this dear teacher met my eyes.

Like yesterday she had been there

to teach my daughter when she so deeply needed reassurance.

She went the second mile

in her loving kindnesses

helping a shy little second grader find her place in a new school.

More hugs followed.

Tear filled eyes.

Yes, it’s important to think back

To remember those whose lives have made a difference.

Today I was privileged to see

a teacher and former student

reconnect again.

Shining moments all over the place.


Gives us another opportunity to express our thanks.

I have another card to send

received a precious call yesterday.

Hears touching hearts.

Never forgetting

God’s countless gifts of grace in our lives.






Shining Moments

In a self focused world

    Thanksgiving is a refreshing contrast.

Like a pearl in the midst of the ordinary.


   it gives us all an opportunity to gather with family

        and close friends

   to lift our hearts toward heaven

       and give thanks.

My thoughts wander today

  to those who have touched my life in so many ways.



       brothers and sister,

       and precious daughters that daily fill my heart with sunshine.


  and supervisors,

   neighbors and friends.

So many.

 My heart overflows just thinking about them.

So this thanksgiving I am writing a letter

    or two or three.

With simple words but lots of heart

  I will try to share

   what their life has meant to mine.

We all journey together for a short space, don’t we?

Touching and then parting.

Holding and then separating.

Even though the time together is very small

   in comparison to a lifetime

the impact is great.

The Sunday school teacher that planted the idea

   that someday I might be a teacher.

 That led to a wonderful career as a first grade teacher for over twenty years.

The college friend that smiled incessantly.

The high school friend that touched me with her loyalty.

The fellow teacher

    who day after day shared her support and ideas.

That mail lady who rain or shine has a nice word to say about everyone.

So many different people

    thousands of gifts from His Hand.

Yes, it’s time to write some letters,

      and make some calls.

Thanksgiving Day is coming.

And there’s not much time left.