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Shining Moments


If you’d have asked me way back then I would have said my purpose was

to stay out of trouble

and just be good.

My life was simple; my world was small;

my understanding of God was limited.

Yes, like standing on the edge of the ocean

I only dipped my toes in from time to time.

But as I grew

I began to see more.

Life was sacred.

Slowly I waded out into the world of possibilities

and began to discover that I enjoyed teaching children.

Watching them learn,

encouraging them to do more than they thought they could,

breaking down material into bite size pieces that they could grasp.

Being a first grade teacher was not just something I did.

No, it was who I was.

And morning after morning I would go to school

open the blinds

write some morning work on the blackboard

and excitedly await from my students to come. I held them in my heart.

It was a rich privilege to teach so many first graders.

A calling that gave my life purpose and meaning for years.

But our purpose in life

continues to grow and change as we move through the seasons of life.

The day came when I closed the door to my teaching career

and began my counseling practice.

Still teaching

Still encouraging

Breaking down truth into small, chewable portions.

Year after year

and then that purpose took on another change,

another path.


Cheering people on in their growth.

Teaching skills and principles to foster growth.




always relying on the Helper, trusting His Voice.

I never would have thought when I was a child

that my life would have had so many opportunities.

Only, today,

in looking back

am I able to see those same threads of purpose running through it all.

I live to do the Will of God.

How about you?

Take some time to look at your life.

Do you see threads of purpose?

Let the wonder of what you see,

limited as that may be,

energize you for what is ahead.

Trust your purpose with God.

His Plan for you is good.


Jeremiah 29:11  I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.


Shining Moments

Published in 1991 in Shining Star Magazine

    this Shining Moment still shines brightly. Thought you might enjoy it.


“Whew. What a week!” I sighed on a Friday evening.

“It’s been absolutely exhausting.”

The friend with whom I was speaking simply smiled and I went on talking.

“It’s been  particularly hard at school right now.

We had to give a major test that took the most part of three days.

That’s always a challenge with wiggly little first graders.

And we had lots of meetings to attend.

I had some important parent conferences after school

   And it was National Lunch Week so crowds of parents came  to school

     To eat with their children.

And Picture Day.

Papers to correct. Lesson Plans. Bulletin  boards to change.

Telephone call. Notes. More meetings…”


My friend continued to smile.

“This coming week should be better,” I said.

“I doubt it,” my friend replied with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, but surely it will be easier,” I insisted.

“It’s just there’s a lot of pressure right now.”


“Sharon, there’s always something.

You’re a teacher!”

How true.

Each week is a challenge. The challenge just changes.

The flurry of the beginning of school leads to the press of first report cards,

   Fall parties, conferences, etc.

  which leads into the busy holiday season

   that leads into the cold winter months.

School closings. Boots. Heavy coats with zippers that don’t work.

Make up days. Report cars which leads into etc.etc.


The life of a teacher is never dull. Never monotonous.

Endless variety and constant change keep us living on our tip-toes.

Yes, we usually come to Friday with a great sigh of relief

     And a song of thanksgiving to have survived.

But deep down in our hearts is a spring of joy,

   A sense of satisfaction.

We have the privilege of touching the lives of children.

Countless boys and girls are different today

   because of our influence.

Amidst the busyness of each week and the pressure of life’s demands

  it’s encouraging to know that we are not alone.

All those dedicated to educating children feel, at times,

 The same weariness, experience the same frustration

  And struggle with a sense of being overwhelmed.

It’s part of our calling.

And it too draws us together-heart to heart.

So, how has your week been?

A bit crazy? Hectic? Unbelievable?

Let’s join hands. How great it is to be a teacher!


Know a teacher who might benefit from some coaching?

Let me know.


Shining Moments

I was no stranger to loss.

  No each move meant a severing of relationships and a new beginning.

Standing at the door

  looking in at a new sea of faces

  listening to the teacher go on about our ‘new student’.


How I longed to simply slip quietly into the classroom

  find my desk

  and hide in my books.

While my heart tried to recover from all the changes

  I looked out for stability and security.

  But knowing how quickly you can lose it all

      kept me guarded and hanging on the fringes.

But there was one teacher who seemed to be able to read my lonely eyes

   and knew what to do.

Her name was Miss Simon.

I was in third grade. Living in Saugerties, New York.

That year I was able to start the school year with all the others.

My brother and I walked the slate sidewalks until we got to the big school.

He went his way

   and I was left to go mine.

The building where my class was held was separate from the rest of the school.

A brick building. I remember climbing those steps

  heart in throat

  sweaty palms.

But as I entered the classroom I could sense something different.

There was a comfortable buzz of activity.

 I scanned the room and noticed a few students in a group.

    in the center I saw a tall lady with blond hair.

She looked at me and began coming my way.


“So you are Sharon. We are going to have a wonderful year.”

In that instance I loved her.

All the kids did.

We did more than learn from our texts.

    We worked together on plays,

                                             and teas,

                                                and musical programs.

All the while we interacted with each other

   and became close.

Sitting at my desk in third grade

   I watched my teacher waltz from one student to another

      always caring.

That’s what I want to do one day, I remember thinking.

A teacher

    One who will open up doors of adventures for all her students and help everyone

   to feel like they belong.

Although we moved again in May

   I never forgot Miss Simon.

   She was a one of a kind.

And the day I began my own teaching career,

        I wanted her to know.

You see, it takes so little

   to leave a lasting impression on someone’s life.

Just a smile,

   a touch of care

      an understanding heart.

So as you journey through life

  be His touch wherever you go. Spread the joy.

You might never know what a huge difference you make in another’s life.

But they’ll know

   and that’s all that matters.