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Christmas Bells Still Ring part 2

702913_4435722490071_2015989474_nChristmas is more than just one day

it’s a spirit of hope that shines brightly giving life to all.

Yes, for awhile the world seems a little brighter and the laughter of children fills the air.

I felt it. Did you?

I heard those faintly ringing Christmas bells. Did you?

And there was a moment when they seemed to ring even louder…

Let me tell you about it.

On Christmas Eve when all the preparations were finally made

and after our family gathering

my girls and I got into the car and drove the dark streets.

It was bitter cold that night but no one seemed to mind

and as the car slowly moved along we admired the twinkling lights here and there.

I wondered about the people who lived inside.

Were they filled with happiness this Christmas or was their story one of pain and loss?

I whispered a prayer for peace and that the real meaning of Christmas joy would break through

into these homes.

Silently we drove along the empty streets that night

and our hearts were one with those whose homes we passed.

Many we do not know personally

but at this time of waiting and preparation on Christmas Eve

our journeys joined  and the light of understanding and love shone.

God became man and dwelt among us at Christmas.

In the darkness of that moment

the light of His Love shone brightly.

And then before we turned to come home we stopped the car

lowered the car windows

and gazed up into the black, velvet sky overhead.

Tiny stars twinkled and shone their song of Christmas joy.

Diamonds above that usually are ignored

but on this evening and on Christmas Day night we gazed upon with delight.

Bells were ringing it seemed to me

as I looked above and thought of that day so long ago when Jesus was born.

Stars shining today were most likely shining on that glorious night so long ago

that night that changed history.

I could have stayed outside much longer simply drinking in the grandeur.

The cold did not even seem to bother me.

But the time came when we drove home, parked the car and walked up the sidewalk to our home.

Before entering our home though

I turned and looked up one last time.

It was more than magical that night and I treasure the memory deep within my heart.

Seems strange that we rarely go out like this

but I’m going to change that.

Yes, from time to time I’m going to walk outside and gaze upward into the darkness again

and admire those twinkling stars

that continue to sing Christmas joy and peace.

How about you?

Maybe tonight will be just the night that you, too, will see what I have seen

And you, too, will hear the sound of those Christmas bells still ringing.

Tomorrow I will share another extraordinary moment when I heard them.

Yes, I heard those Christmas bells

and I hear them still.

Join me, won’t you?

The One Thing You Can Control

Years ago I read this powerful quote:

    “Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw the mud, the other saw the stars.”-Frederick Langbridge.


I am struck by its utter simplicity.

    By the powerful truth.

We all have that choice, don’t we?

What do we see when we look around?

Do we see glimpses of the holy?

   Or constant reminders of the fallen nature of man?

Do we see potential for good?

     Or do we see countless reminders of failure and hopelessness?


It’s a choice that we all must make.

Day after day. Hour after hour.

It is true that some personalities are more prone to see life as half full

    rather than half empty.

But still the choice is ours.

And how we choose makes a world of difference in what we not only see but what we continue to see.


This morning I went out for a nice run. It was a joy, not an every day routine for this single parent/homeschool teacher/professional.

Years ago I would have noted my time and run for the sheer pleasure of seeing how fast I could go.

But today my time is not that important.

The length that I go is not the main issue.

No, I only look to have joy in the run

    And today I did.

Birds were singing melodious praises

   And puffy white clouds dotted the brilliant blue morning sky.

I found myself listening and looking,

    Praising and pondering

      The gifts that surround me on every side.

By the time I came home my heart was full to overflowing.

Guess I will never be a serious runner

    But I glimpsed a touch of heaven in that run today

         And it will linger in my heart for a long time.

How about you?

What do you see all around you?

Stars or mud?

How about looking for the stars in the midst of the mundane and ordinary?

You were made to glorify and give praise.

Take some time today to look for the stars and to celebrate another day

  To live,

      To laugh,

         And to love.

And let me know what you experienced.

Have a glorious weekend, dear friends.