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Shining Moments

The smallest thing you do

lives on.

That smile you give

the simplest of gestures

from holding a door

to picking up someone’s newspaper for them

It matters

and lives on long after the moment.

We so often forget this.

You and I

in the busyness of life.

But as I look at the blooming daffodils waving in the breeze

I remember a time long ago.

I was in college

more than six hours from our home.

Working hard on my studies

but missing home.

Although the signs of spring encouraged my heart

I was facing a huge mountain of work

and wondering how in the world I would get everything done in time.

Lost in these thoughts one morning

I walked into my dorm and noticed a glass jar holding a bunch of blooming daffodils.

The beauty of it drew me

and I stepped over to the desk to look at them more closely.

How I wish I had the words to describe their loveliness.

It was as if their smiling faces were all looking up at me

saying, “You can do it.”

My eyes wandered down to a small piece of paper attached to the glass.

Instantly I blushed with mixed delight and embarrassment as I read my name.

They were for me!

Yes, a very kind young man placed them there that morning

and today more than forty years later

I still remember.

He probably never knew

how greatly that act impacted my life.

It was so unexpected..

caught me completely my surprise

and so simple a deed.

One glass jar with the Fredonia insignia on its side

and a handful of blooming daffodils in water.

That memory lives on

warming my heart today.

Don’t ever let yourself believe that what you do has little value.

More than likely you do not know.

Maybe 40 years from today someone will be remembering a kind act of yours.


Shine Today

Many years ago while vacationing in Maine I happened to drive to the city of Portsmouth,New Hampshire. I took a lovely boat trip that day and also browsed some shops.

But that is not what remained in my heart all this time. No, it was something else that I saw.

I was riding in the backseat of the car as I road through the city on our way back to York Beach,Maine. That part of the city was run down and dirty. My eyes scanned the buildings and I ached at the signs of poverty on every side. Laundry hanging. Trash. Once in a while I saw a child’s face and wondered how in the world it must be to live there.

As I reflected on my many blessings my eyes were pulled as it were up to the color red.

There on someone’s balcony way up high were some planters with bright red geraniums.

I had to smile.

It was the most unlikely sight.

A touch of beauty in the midst of poverty and gloom.

Someone had the heart to see what they could do to beautify their place rather than focusing on the less than ideal environment.

That’s it, I thought at the time.

Everyone doing what they can. Being a positive influence.

One touch of beauty at a time. One candle lit. One kind word spoken.

Yes, it is easy to focus on how bad things are. There is no question that we live in a hurting world.

But the answer seems to lie in these words. “Walk in the light.”

“Let your light so shine….”

Be t he difference you want to see. Be filled to overflowing with His Love and pour that out wherever you go.

Yes, one step at a time, plant some red geraniums and in so doing you change everything.

Well today I am planning to plant some seeds of kindness and care.

I am not blind to the darkness. But shining our lights changes everything.

How about you?

Things difficult where you are?
Plant some colorful geraniums. Instead of curing the darkness, praise the One Who keeps loving each and every one of us.

Change comes one step at a time.

Walk in the light today.