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This Call Is For You

How do you get quiet enough in our noisy,

fast paced world

to experience Easter?

While all of nature seems to have come alive outside my window

my heart longs

to watch with Him

to wait with Him

to stand with Him.

Not out of obligation or duty.

Certainly not because it’s the thing to do.

No, I simply yearn to be there with Him.

And so I steal some moments of quiet in the dark of the night

while many sleep

and I try to imagine I was there

and I pray.

Or sometimes I get up early and slip quietly to a comfy chair

and simply wait in His Presence.

But maybe it’s not where I am.

Maybe it’s just coming to Him.



Just as I am.


To stand as it were at the foot of the cross

and reflect on the finished work of Christ.

march 26 springTo reconsecrate myself to His service.


He gave His all.

His love demands my all.

My soul, my life, my all.

Unworthy as I am.

Letting His Love wash over me

covering all of my sins and whispering

I give you my all.


Scarlet Threads Of Love

heaven on earth Remembrance Day

My thoughts wander back to stories shared by my Dad of World War II.

Stories of horror – stories of hope;

Stories of lives lost and stories of amazing survivals.

And while there is no way that I can possibly understand what it was like

through simple words  and unembellished tales

my heart pieces together a time when young life was laid down

and sacrifice was made.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world my mother wrote letters to the one she loved.

Thousands of letters of hope and encouragement.

A scarlet thread of love keeping them both going

not knowing how it would all end and if they would ever share a life together.

Overshadowed by His Wing



provided for.

Known by the Heavenly Father and one day known to me as Daddy.

Stories of the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944-January 1945

the surprise attack by the Germans

the loss of so many lives and a life saved.

My Dad’s.

Glorious shining moments.

No, I can’t imagine living through all the horrors of war

and as I listen to those stories of long ago and my daughters hear

I almost fear not realizing enough how great was the sacrifice, the cost.

Remembering again the Great Sacrifice of all

when His life was crucified so that we might live.

Blood stained soil from which life would come.

“Greater love has no man than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

May we never forget the cost.

After the war

a marriage and eventually four children

precious lives that might not have been. Chapters and chapters of life for which I’m grateful.

So on this Remembrance Day and always

let’s never forget the price that was paid for our freedom.


Reflections On Good Friday

As the afternoon continues I glance at the clock.

Good Friday. Three o’clock in the afternoon.

My heart wanders back to my Lord’s crucifixion. Sigh.

No matter how I try to understand, I can’t. I don’t.


But this I know. He took my place. He bore My sin. And yours.

He took upon Himself the sin of all the world and willingly died so that we might live.

Awesome thought.

Tears press behind my eyes as I type these simple words.

Do you feel His Love  today?

In a world that rushes quickly from Christmas carols to Easter eggs, don’t let this moment be stolen from you. It’s all too precious. Too dear.  Beyond words to ever language.

 The depth of love poured out before a watching, needy world.

Let Him wrap His strong arms of love around you today and draw you close to Him.

Hear Him whisper words of love over you today. Feel His Compassion and Care.

Yes, the world all around us hardly gives a nod to the significance of this day but that does not diminish its importance. It never will.

I gave my life for you. What hast thou given for Me? *

His Love demands my all, I know.

Give thou thyself to Me. *

Yes, Lord, my heart cries again.

Yes, may it ever be yes.

I am Thine O Lord.



 * Hymn-I Gave My Life For Thee-Frances Havergal’s first hymn