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Running To Win

They couldn’t believe it.

He was not expected to win.

His style was ridiculed. His arms flailed widely, his head way back.

But on that day on July 12, 1924 Eric Liddell astonished the crowd by winning

the 400 m  race.

When asked where the power came from

Eric quietly directed folks to the One and Only One.

“God honors those who honor Him,” he said. I Samuel 2:30.

Astonishing. Amazing. Beyond human understanding.

It is still true today.

When we put the Lord first in our lives and honor Him

He blesses us.

Unexplainable but unquestionably blesses us.

Shortly afterwards Liddell went to China and spent the rest of his life teaching there.

Turned his back on the fame and popularity.

“A fellow’s life counts for far more at this than the other,” he responded when asked about his decision.

Liddell was at peace.

So different from our world of striving and medals and fame.

But could it be that he left us a reminder – almost a warning.

You can have all this world offers but there is something that matters far more.

It makes me wonder about my own life. And yours.

Are we truly focused on what counts the most?

Choosing the best over the good.

That’s what it boils right down to, isn’t it?

Living our life with our eyes on eternity. Going for the goal of a life surrendered to Him.

Eric Liddell’s faith was paramount in his life.

It guided him and gave him light in the dark of distractions and confusion.

What is the most important in your life?

How is that giving you direction and focus?

Above all, hold on to what will never fade.

Let’s focus on our goal in life and then run with strength.

Life is shorter than we think –

Living an amazing life can be yours.




Always Hope


bridgeLike a race, my life is lived one step at a time. Feet hitting pavement. Breathing in, breathing out.  Miles pass as I keep running and running.

The race is long. I often get weary, don’t you?

My eyes scan the sides of the rode longing for water. But there is none.

Keep running, I tell myself.

You can do it.

Life twists and turns. Uphill and down. Not that many down hills it seems. Certainly lots of long, winding uphills.

Thirsty for water.

Or the band to play my favorite march.

Where, oh where is the cheering crowd?
I look around but there is no one to be seen.

I’m so tired I could just drop. Right here. Right now.

But there are more miles to run.

I remember that there are others running with me. Running their races.

Trying to pace themselves. Determined to finish strong.

And then I see one running with me. His stride matches mine. Perfectly.

I feel my body relax just knowing that I have a companion.

Loneliness can be a heavy burden.

He passes me a cup of water. Wonder where he got that from?

I bring it to my mouth and gulp the water. Splashing it all over my hand and down on the pavement.

It is so good. So cool and satisfying as I swallow it.

And then I look up. My companion is gone. I squint my eyes longing to see him again.

But I can’t.

One foot after another pounding the pavement. But I am stronger now.

Refreshed and encouraged and I remember those words.

‘Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’ (Gal. 6:9)

Always hope. Always hope.

Run well today.


Shining Moments

All of a sudden Griffin, the Redskin quarterback, took that ball

and made a 76 yd touchdown sprint with under 3 minutes left in the game

past the Vikings.

Amazing to watch!

Even more amazing considering that he had just been recovering from a concussion.

He sure did run fast and that clinched the game.

But, what’s incredible, is that he could have run even faster.

Yes, if he hadn’t looked back

from time to time

he could have run even faster than he did.

So what?

It spoke to me as I watched the play yesterday.

Reminding me of times in life when I have looked back

only to discover that it hurt me more in the long run.

We hear it again and again

Keep your eyes on the goal.

Run to the finish.

Don’t get distracted.

“I press toward the prize for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14)

Don’t look back.

It was Satchel Page, the famous baseball player, who paved the way for the blacks to play in the major leagues that said,

“Don’t look back, something may be gaining on you!”

Yes, although we can often learn from the past we must keep moving forward.

Forget the problems

Forget the failures

Let go of the feelings of defeat and discouragement

and run with undivided focus on that goal.

Looking back enslaves us to the past and oftentimes to others.

Do you oftentimes find yourself pondering the past or watching the actions of others?

The Apostle Paul could have been done in

if he had continued to think about his painful past before He knew the Savior.

So he urges his followers

“Don’t look back. Press forward.”

Let’s make it a discipline to keep our focus on the goal.

To run to win

To live in today with the future in mind.


Step by step

Shining moments brightening today with truth for the journey.

Eyes forward

leaning into the storm

giving it everything we’ve got.

How about it?

You with me?