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Just Imagining

I remember the first time I heard the song I Can Only Imagine years ago.

Actually 1999.

It moved me to tears thinking of what I would see in heaven. One day.

Being with the Lord.

Walking by His side.

Forever in His Glory.

Joy filled my heart just trying to imagine it.

Then in 2009 my beloved mom went home to be with the Lord and at her request

I Can Only Imagine was played at her funeral.

Tears.  Thinking of her walking those streets with the Lord.

Surrounded by His Glory.

Hope filled my heart as I thought of being with my mom again

and together being with the Lord. One day.

The song brought comfort to my aching heart.

Recently I saw the movie I Can Only Imagine and was moved to tears

as the story of redemption and forgiveness and hope unfolded.

Have you seen it?

This story that touched me deeply. I wept through the whole movie.

My heart feeling the pain of the son who was emotionally and physically abused. Overflowing with emotion for his father who inspired him to write the song.



Simply hurting.

What a powerful reminder that forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness restores.

And forgiveness is possible.

How about you?

Do you struggle as you remember a loved one who is no longer here?

Daily dealing with grief and loss?

Daily feeling the emptiness of life without them?

And how about forgiveness—

Do you or someone you know need that story, that clear reminder that forgiveness

changes lives…even if that person is long since gone.

Breathe in the hope of forgiveness and grace.

Let it seep into those aching places of your soul and begin a work of healing.

Yes, it’s a song and a movie worth experiencing.

Let me know if you’ve seen it and how it was for you.

And together let’s imagine what it will be like…

one day.



Shining Moments

The plant looked almost dead when I brought it home a few years ago.

But I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

No, it had been the plant my mother had gotten from friends when her mother (my grandmother) had died.

It had been part of my growing up as we moved from here to there across the country.

Now, though, as I looked at it my heart was heavy.

All through the long days and weeks of my mom’s decline it hadn’t been watered.

Was I going to lose this too?

Carefully I pulled away the dead leaves, watered the plant and place the pot in the corner of

 the dining room.

As with all things, time would tell.

God knows.

    He sees.

       He cares.

Over the next few weeks it began to shoot new growth

    and today it happily lives – green and growing

       reminding me that new life can come from seemingly dead plants.

The same is also true

    for relationships.

It is all too easy to throw out the pot,

     cross off the relationship,

        and consider it done. Only a memory.

But we serve a God Who continues to breathe fresh life

  into what might look dead to us.

I must be careful that I not consider something


    just because it looks hopeless to me.

I must remember that God is the God of Life

  and nothing is impossible with Him.

He continues to call us to plant His Seeds of Hope

    and Life

    and Peace

in a world that gives up oftentimes all too quickly.

Can these dead bones live? Ezekiel 37

Yes. But only as we begin to live out the heart of God with a passion

    like never before.

Can these dead bones live?

Yes, I am seeing it happen every day.