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Shining Moments

There is a place that I often go to when I need to be refreshed

    and although I haven’t been able to go there physically for some time

    I often go there mentally.

Yes, I imagine myself sitting out on a huge rock

   watching the ocean waves crash and thunder.

I hear the sound of the surf and the cry of the sea gull.

I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

On my beloved rocks I have written pages and pages in journals

    and read many books.

It’s my quiet place

   the place where I sense His Presence so vividly.

I remember times of wrestling with decisions

   praying for hours

   and discovering what I’ve needed to do.

There have been times when I’ve just needed to sink into His Peace

   and there on my beloved rocks I have known

       what is sometimes difficult to know in the everydayness of life.

His Love is Forever

No matter what you have ever done

   He loves you and longs for you to understand this.

Do you have a place

   A simple place where you can go to

      to be refreshed?

It’s so important to have times of refreshment and renewal

  to prevent burnout and the stress  of the hurried life.

If I close my eyes I can see the ocean and feel the wind on my face.

   Although miles away from my rocks

     I can place myself there.

It is amazing how much a few minutes of visualizing myself there on the rocky coast

    of Maine renews my spirits.

In just a short time I find myself more a peace

      more focused

        with a greater awareness of my purpose in life.

Life itself can wear one down so it’s vital that we take steps to counter this.

Go to your quiet place.

Discover where you sense Peace

   and frequently go there to be renewed.

No matter how many times I visit my beloved rocks

   I’m never disappointed.

Find your place

   put on the music

   spread the blankets

    sip the iced tea

      and simply be.

‘Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 45:10



Shining Moments

The day dawned early and even as I wiggled my toes in the bed.

    I knew that it was going to be a special day.

“Dress for an adventure, “I called to my girls

   all the while wondering



We got in the car and drove south

   admiring the Blue Ridge Mountains. It had been years since we had come this way.

Excitement mounted as I drove into the parking lot

   of Yoder’s Country Market.

 Getting out of the car I remembered time after time

  when my parents had stopped here

  bringing home delicious barbecue chicken, baked goods, etc.

And the books my mom would find.

 Inspirational books that grace my bookshelves today.

I took a deep breath and proceeded through the huge double doors.

For the next 40 minutes we were lost in a place of wonderment.

Candies, jellies, homemade pies and cookies,

   Pennsylvania Dutch items,

     homemade sandwiches filled with piles of fresh roast beef

   Nuts and chocolate covered pretzels,

   Coffee mugs with inspirational sayings

      and books.

At first I walked with a basket

   but as the basket filled I switched to a cart.

I thumbed the rows of books

    looking…..and looking some more.

One title reached out to me and pulled me to explore the treasures within its covers.

“Yes, God Still Speaks Today” compiled by Norma Plank.

My heart resonates with those words.

He does.

   Yes, He does.

“A Placeof Quiet Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss also found its

    way into my basket.

We each chose a special mug to celebrate the moment.

   Jenny immediately wanted the one with the picture of a horse and its colt.

   Noelle chose a lovely pink, white and black one saying

     “Whatever is lovely..think about such things.” Phil 4: 8

What a powerful reminder!

It really was an easy decision for me

   as I reached out for the blue one

      with the words

        “The Lord bless you and keep you.” Numbers 6:24

Memories of placing my hand on each  little head and saying that blessing

   came back to me in a rush of emotion. Precious memories. Shining moments.

As we checked out my eyes lifted to the wall and I saw a picture.

   Jesus as the Shepherd.

Exquisitely painted with the words from Isaiah 40:11

  “He tends His flock like a shepherd.

  He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart.”

My heart was touched.

How wonderful to remember that that is where He carries us.

You and I.

Close to His heart.

Close to you, O Lord.

Keep me aware of that closeness

    during the heat of the day

    the busyness of the summer

    and amid all the demands and distractions.

As we drove home a few hours later I was still pondering the Touch of His Presence

   and the refreshment we received on a seemingly ordinary day in July.

Just like Him to revive our hearts again

   because He sees

                  He knows

                     and He always cares.