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Can One Possibly Grow Young?

Stay young?  Ridiculous.

How about grow young?  You can you know. Crazy as it might seem.

Many  children taught me how over my years of teaching.

You see, it is all too common when you give a test

for each wrong answer to be circled

often in glaring red

and the number  of wrong answers placed on top of the paper.

At least this was how it was done years ago. Maybe things have changed.

As I’d walk around the room passing back the tests

I saw how my students would hang their heads and slink down in their seats.

Embarrassment written all over their bodies.

Students trying to peak at each others sheet to see if possibly they had done better.

Nothing conducive to education.

Nothing that inspired a student to achieve and master a skill.

Shame. Pain. Guilt.

Crumbled papers. Tear filled eyes.

I ached at what I witnessed again and again. Precious young  children.

So I began a new practice. I put away the red pencil

and chose hot pink, lemon yellow, sky blue and lime green.

Bright. Happy colors.

Circled the answers that were correct and placed that number

in big bold color for them to see.

Eyes danced. Smiles replaced fear. Strength.  Hope. Young.

I spoke about the process of learning and the importance of

paying attention to what they got right.

We went over the skills again and again but with a growth emphasis.

Truth. Wisdom.

I saw the difference in how quickly my students began to learn

and  how eager they were  to master a skill.

Weakness  overcome by strength.


Grow young with me today and receive His grace for every mistake and every wrong turn.

Glimpse the wonder of Him covering you with bright, glorious colors reminding you of

the times you followed Him and obeyed His Voice.

Open  your heart to His understanding and patience.

Covering you with His amazing love.

Grow young with me today, my friends.

Dance with the freedom of living in His grace.

Wonder. Awe.

His Way is not ours.

He rights every wrong and gives new beginnings whenever we turn to Him.

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
    they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; Psalm 92:12april 2015-2


Shining Moments

Sometimes the spontaneous moments are the best.

That all of a sudden

    children in the car

    trip to get ice cream cones.

As a little girl I enjoyed the spontaneous adventures.

Root beer floats in tall glass mugs.

A once in a lifetime experience seeing Roy Rogers and gang.

Never forget it

    bigger than life

       for me at nine.

Today I still cherish the spontaneous moments.

They usually follow a dry stretch.

   A period of time where everyone is working so very hard

   But things break down

       Computers malfunction

       Laptops have moods

I see the frustration in the furrowed brows of my daughters.

I feel it in myself.

Like running uphill

    Further and further

      body screaming for a drink of water

      and wondering how long you can go.

Maybe you are experiencing a time in your life like that right now.

If so,

    hold on.

Maybe its time for some spontaneity.

He comes in the midst of the storm.

He whispers gently

    “Peace be still.”  Matthew 8: 23-27

Let Him fight your battles

   Let Him set the pace.

   Let go of the struggle.

And as we lean upon Him He fills us with peace.

Hear His gentle Voice calling above the wind and the waves.

I find that as I hear Him

   I know its time to refuel and


That’s when it’s time to

       go for a spontaneous walk in the middle of the day.

Letting Him gently brush your hair back from your face.

Grab the hand of someone and do something different.

Call that friend

     Write that note

         Give yourself permission to read that fun book.

Learning the art of spontaneity is like growing young again.

The children know how to do it well.

Dimpled faces always loved my spontaneous walks around the school

    when I sensed that everyone needed a lift.

  Yes, the soul of a child reaches toward the adventure

       easily putting aside the task of the moment.

Let’s learn from them

    that there is a time to work

               but also a time to play.

Life was never meant to be all work.

No life is about learning balance

    and knowing the time

    to just kick up your heels and play.

How about you today?

Need a little lift?

Do something different…

     jump rope with a child

     go out with your camera and find that picture

     sing that song out loud.

        and laugh.

Live today fully. You’ll never regret it.