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Shining Moments

I love weekends that glisten with shining moments. In between the errands and cleaning all of a sudden something happens that makes you feel good from the top of your head way down to your toes.

Let me tell you about it.

For the past few weeks we have been giving brownie blessings. Making thick chewy, sinfully rich brownies and then taking them warm to special people in our lives.

Today we noticed that one such special person was at his place of work. Faithfully day after day he works serving the community. We just wanted to bless him.

Do something different.

Show him that he is making a difference.

That his life does matter.

So today we noticed his car parked outside the store. And we hurried home to whip up our favorite recipe.

Hmm, they smelled so good baking in the oven while we vacuumed and dusted.

We could hardly wait to deliver them.

No sooner had they finished baking than Noelle cut them into yummy squares, lifted them onto a plate and covered the plate with foil.

I grabbed my purse and keys and we all got into our car.

Shining moments are more fun that I can begin to language. They are the real stuff of life.

Where caring thought meets life and says “Hey! You are important.”

Well we walked into the store and hung around waiting for an opportunity to present our surprise. Giggles and smiles.

Then we saw our chance and all stepped forward.

“Excuse me, sir. We made some brownies for you.”

You should have seen his eyes light up as he took the warm plate from us.

I haven’t seen him smile like that in forever.

“Why thank you,” he said reaching for some lollipops.

“Three,” he said handing them to my two girls and I.

“Why thank you” we called back as we left the store.


It was just a very quick moment but it meant the world to me. I can still see his eyes with that light of happiness.

So many people need a touch of care. It doesn’t take much to really make someone’s day.

Maybe you will want to be a blessing, too.

Just look around. I’m sure that you can think of someone who needs a touch of care.

We have a long list of special folks that will be getting some delicious warm brownies in the near future.

Shining moments are what life is really all about.

Letting one person after another know that they really are somebody special.

In a very busy, sometimes impersonal world, each person has great value.

And remember, you do too!