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Always Hope


bridgeLike a race, my life is lived one step at a time. Feet hitting pavement. Breathing in, breathing out.  Miles pass as I keep running and running.

The race is long. I often get weary, don’t you?

My eyes scan the sides of the rode longing for water. But there is none.

Keep running, I tell myself.

You can do it.

Life twists and turns. Uphill and down. Not that many down hills it seems. Certainly lots of long, winding uphills.

Thirsty for water.

Or the band to play my favorite march.

Where, oh where is the cheering crowd?
I look around but there is no one to be seen.

I’m so tired I could just drop. Right here. Right now.

But there are more miles to run.

I remember that there are others running with me. Running their races.

Trying to pace themselves. Determined to finish strong.

And then I see one running with me. His stride matches mine. Perfectly.

I feel my body relax just knowing that I have a companion.

Loneliness can be a heavy burden.

He passes me a cup of water. Wonder where he got that from?

I bring it to my mouth and gulp the water. Splashing it all over my hand and down on the pavement.

It is so good. So cool and satisfying as I swallow it.

And then I look up. My companion is gone. I squint my eyes longing to see him again.

But I can’t.

One foot after another pounding the pavement. But I am stronger now.

Refreshed and encouraged and I remember those words.

‘Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’ (Gal. 6:9)

Always hope. Always hope.

Run well today.


Shining Moments

I love coaching people. Teaching skills and techniques so that they can raise the level

of where they are

and grow to where they can be.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what 3 statements I would want to leave if this were my last blog.

No, don’t worry….

   I’m not planning on going anywhere soon

      at least not that I know of

but I do live with a sense of purpose

    and I don’t want to waste leave anything undone.

So what are my three words:

  1. He is more that you think He is.

Yes, our God loves you more than you know. Cares for you more than you think. He is more than we realize.

 And longs to do incredibly more than you can possibly imagine in and through you. Ephesians. 3:20

  1. You are more than you think you are.

If we listen to the words of our society—those positive, upbeat words of affirmation we might get confused. He is God and we are not. But we are God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). Yes, we are His. Nothing inferior or less than. No He made us exactly what He wanted us to be and when we are filled with His Glory He makes us shine.

  1. Those around you are more than you think they are.

We are surrounded on all sides by people- all made in His Image. All created for His Purpose. All deeply loved. No one is better than. And, no one is less than.

We are here to  run His Race for us and more often than not that involves learning to get along with others while we keep our focus on Him.

As the rain gently falls outside my window this morning

I long to coach more people into a lifestyle

   of greater peace

    clearer sense of purpose

    and more passion.

You were designed to be more

                                        do more

                                             experience more

                                                    in your lifetime

           than you can possibly imagine!!!

So seize this day.

Live it fully.

Laugh deeply and above all grow in love.

Don’t settle for less……

Run with me, today.

Our time is short.