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The Perils of Hurry

I got up early, reached for my list and quickly scanned the items

wondering how in the world I would get it all done. Sigh.

Reaching for a cup of freshly made coffee

I sank down into the comfortable chair –

the one that I sit in to have my Quiet Time.

Flipping the pages, I turned to the reading for the day

but inside my mind was still racing –

already thinking about all that needed to be accomplished.

As my eyes read over the verses –

verses cherished —

I found my mind wandering back to that long to do list.

Pulling my thoughts back again, I saw those words.

Words I’ve read many, many times before.

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15 NKJV)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had some quietness today?  I mused.

But no way for me.

No, my life is too busy.


But the strangest thing happened as I closed my Bible and began to pray.

It was as if I sensed Him looking at me and saying, “Why not?”

Really, I thought. Could I possibly eliminate some of the hurry from my life?

Me? A single parent. Working full time.

How ridiculous is that!

But just as quickly I began to wonder.

Had I begun to make excuses for my busyness?

Had I joined in the hurry sickness of our day?

Was I allowing it rather than disciplining my own life?

Throughout the rest of the day and the days that followed

I realized that I needed to



Say no

And play more.

Without realizing it I had allowed the tyranny of the urgent

to creep into my life

causing me to be overstressed and overcommitted.

As a result I was not living in the strength He wanted me to have.

I wasn’t victorious in ways He intended for me to be.

That realization was like a huge light coming on.

Only I could change it.

And change it I would.

Over time I began to manage time better and with wisdom.

More time for retreats and less rushing.

Instead of living life to the max

I began to build in margin and allow time for simply doing nothing.

Instantly my creativity began to increase and I slept better.

Quickly I noticed a slowing within and my soul becoming filled.

It’s a change that I’ve continued to work on –

The press of living around us is something none of us can completely escape

But those words reminding me of the importance of quiet have become like

markers in the sand.

He has promised to supply all of our needs —

Our need for rest,

Our need for strength

Our need for wisdom

We must choose to live intentionally.

One day at a time.

Yes, as we depend upon Him to guide our days

And rest in His pace

We, too, can learn to live in quiet and confidence.

Join me, won’t you?

Shining Moments

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels

   and not getting anywhere?

Like a gerbil on his wheel

  round and round and round

  weary from the running


  realizing that you’ve never moved.

Life can have its moments


it’s up to us to plan for success.

The Christmas season can have it’s challenges

   but it’s up to us

   to look ahead and prepare for them.

A prudent man foresees danger and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Prov. 22:3

Listen to the cries of the overworked single mom

  struggling to care for her children.

The holiday season can very well push her over the edge.

Pay attention to the lonely

  who go day after day thinking that no one cares.

This time of year can be excruciating for them.

Notice the families struggling to add one more activity

  on top of the pile

  risking it all tumbling down

  along with intense conflict and turmoil.

We can stay on the path of peace by foreseeing the potential problems

    and taking precautions now.

Choose life.

Choose peace.

Choose a Christmas that will linger in your memory for years to come.

Take steps now to do less and enjoy it more.

We don’t have to do it all.

No, choose the other path.

And begin to discover life the way it is meant to be.




         Touching hearts

              One person at a time.

Yes, look ahead now.

Plan for success by choosing wisely today.

May this Christmas be one filled with the wonder of His Presence and Power.

It can only be so as we decrease the craziness and increase the meaningful.

He leads us beside the still waters.

Are you letting Him lead you today?

You’ll never regret it for His steps lead to life everlasting.


Shining Moments

Are you aware of the tension in life?

The pull to do and go and acquire more

and then

the pull to slow down and grow in peace.

It’s a tension that maybe we will always have.


during these special days of preparation before Christmas

I find myself even more aware of it.

From the moment I awaken

and wiggle my toes

I am conscious of the things I need to do in the day.

The list I made the night before rests on my desk

waiting for me to pick it up and begin.

The list keeps me straight

and helps me not to forget.

This morning I glanced at my list and walked on by.


it could wait.

I grabbed my cup of coffee,

turned on the Christmas tree lights

and settled in my favorite comfy chair.

There for a few minutes I sat quietly in the stillness

relishing the experience.

My eyes drifted to the manager set on the Yamaha piano.

Away in the manger

    No crib for a bed

My heart wandered back a few years ago

when I was preparing to travel toRussiato adopt my daughter.

Christmas time.

While all around me was hustle and bustle

but nestled in my heart was a prayer

a longing that was deeper than words

a song that was yet to be sung.

Today that baby is a beautiful young woman

a song that continues to sing

The gift has come.

But then was a time for waiting and praying.

Long before Jesus came there were preparations.

All needed to be just right for the newborn King.

Silent Night

   Holy Night

I sipped my coffee pondering the past

musing about God’s intricate care

and then turned my thoughts to this day.

Sure, the things on that list needed my attention.

There would be plenty of time for that


these moments sitting in the quiet were what I needed




listening to His Voice in today.

Wherever you are

take the time

make the time

to be still for a few minutes today.

It will brighten your moments throughout the day

with the glory of His Presence.