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Shining Moments

5178_1096508491808_1899847_nIt was just an ordinary evening

or so I thought.

After dropping Noelle off at a friend’s house, Jenny and I got into our car.

We chatted and laughed about all that we would do while big sister was away.

I always like to make it special for the ones at home.

A tea party we were planning with chocolate chip cookies

but we never had that party that night.

No, three blocks from home our car was hit  and

an ordinary evening suddenly became a nightmare.

Looking back today more than five years later

I realize even more clearly God’s Hand of protection that evening.

No one was hurt.

The driver’s side of the car was badly damaged

but no one was hurt.

Yes, nerves were rattled and plans were thrown upside down

but no one was hurt.

Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord Thy God is with Thee.

He means what He says when He promises.

It’s taken a lifetime for me to realize this.

Our God is trustworthy. He is a prayer hearing God. And we can rest in His care.

There is no need for worry and anxiety.

We are held in His loving Hands.

Certainly His Promise is not a magic wand to be waved over every situation with foolishness.

Life is filled with tragedy, sudden loss, sorrow upon sorrow.

But in the midst of all of that His promise of Presence and protection shines brightly.

No matter what, He has promised to be with us.

Yes, someone could have been hurt or tragically killed that day long ago

but He kept us from danger. His plan was for us to live and to continue to serve Him.

Whenever He calls, He provides all that we need.

Whatever we might be lacking in human resources,

He supplies.

From time to time my girls will refer to that night with thankful hearts as we hold each other close.

He alone knows what our life may hold

but no matter what

may it all be lived for His Glory.

That’s all that really matters anyway, isn’t it?

Trust Him, my friends.


Shining Moments

The wind howled outside our townhouse

as I sat there in the dark that February night many years ago.

I stepped to the window to look outside.


huge piles of snow had drifted across the street,

and over our car.

Now without electricity it would only be a short time until we’d feel the bitter cold inside.

Upstairs my little daughter slept under the soft blankets.

Without a worry

or a care.

It was late but I knew in an instant that we could not stay there for the night.

We had to get to a place where there was heat.

I called my parents who lived a few blocks from us

and breathed a sigh of relief hearing that they still had heat.

The glass rattled as the wind blew hard against our house.

If only I could make it through the drifts to their home.

‘all through the day and night we’re in His Hands’

the chorus played in my head.

Certainly we could make it.

We were not alone.

Upstairs I crept and woke my little one

dressed her sleepy body

zippered her in her snowsuit

and spoke softly to her.

“We’re going to see Nana and Papa”..

I tried to make it sound like a new adventure so as not to scare her.

As I picked her up in my arms and opened the front door

the wind whipped around the corner of the house.

Not a soul was insight.

Just deep piles of snow.

I pulled her towards me as she tucked her head against my scarf.

And I began to sing

softly at first

and then a little louder as the wind howled and the snow fell.

‘All through the day

all through the night

dwell in His Promises

walk in His Light.’

Please, Lord, I prayed. Help us to get there safely tonight.

Down the street I walked

taking big steps into the deep drifts.

Darkness shall flee

at His command.

Every once in a while Noelle sang along,


as we talked about this BIG Snow.

Trusting completely that we were perfectly safe.

‘All through the day and night

we’re in His Hands.’

I’ll never forget looking down the snow covered street

and seeing the lights shining brightly.

Lights of home.

Lights welcoming us.

Closer and closer I moved through the drifts

singing and talking about how great our Father is.

Shining moments.

Welcomed inside with hugs all around.

Cups of hot chocolate

and then nestling down to sleep in warmth.

Thank you Lord.

Whatever you are facing

let that little chorus bring comfort to you.

All through the day and night

we’re in His Hands.

He is completely trustworthy.

Reflect on His Promises

to keep you

to care for you

to be with you

and keep walking in His Light.



Shining Moments

The moment I laid eyes upon it

I knew that it was special.

An extra soft, pink baby blanket.

Even as I bought it that Saturday so many years ago

I pictured myself covering my little baby girl with it.

Little did I realize how special that blanket was to become.

I packed it carefully in my luggage

when I traveled to Russiain 1993.

Then I took it with me to the orphanage on the night

that extraordinary night, December 24,

when I dressed my baby girl

in her very own—just for her clothing

and walked out of the orphanage under the stars

holding my baby in my arms.

Wrapped in that super soft, pink blanket.

Sweet memories.

Through a move

and many life changes

she has held onto that blanket.

Yes, it became somewhat frayed around the edges

so we snipped a little here and a little there

but it’s still soft and beautiful

to us.

My heart reflects on the wondrous way our Lord

also wraps us in His Love and Grace

tenderly carrying us through life.

Shielding us from the jars and sharp jabs of life

here on earth.

Breathing over you and I with whispers of love and

words of peace.

You are loved with an everlasting love.

Let’s never forget that.

No matter what the circumstance

remind yourself of His covering you

and holding you close.

See His shield of protection surrounding you.

Rest in His Love even though all around you are difficulties.

Holding that little one as we rode the night train

to Moscow.

Holding her still as we flew through the air from Russia to the U.S.

When I look at that faded pink blanket

I remember how far we have come

and my heart rejoices in Him.

Wonderful care

giving us a marvelous picture of His Forever Love.

May I never forget!