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The Promise

As I scroll down my social media feed and check my email I’m overwhelmed by offers to join this and sign up for that. Good things. Yes classes, conferences, trainings that I might enjoy and benefit from. But I wonder….

Pushing away from my laptop I reach for my Bible, my trusted Companion, for many years now and begin to read.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go. I will guide you with my eyes.. Psalm 32: 8

I stopped and read it again.

Clearly God has promised to show me the way I should go and how I should live.

But day after day I am faced with more ideas than my little brain can hold.

Confusion sets in.

Paralysis grows.

Sometimes I simply choose nothing

or other times I choose what seems to make the most sense at the time.

But He has promised to teach me.

Those words echo in my head as I go about my day.

Teach me. Teach me. Teach me.

How I long just to be shown what to do and which way to go.

What to sign up for and what to ignore.

God has promised.

It seems that the distractions of this world and the constant changing confusion

make it so difficult to make Godly decisions.

But that’s what I want.

I hunger to follow Him and to be guided in His Way.

I know that I do

but again and again the fast paced, social media driven world places more options out there than I can filter.

What do I do?

Where do I turn?

Pushing away from the distraction and looking up to the One Who guides me with His eye

I quietly commit to prayerfully saying no to instant decisions and compelling options.

To slow down the process.

 I determine to prayerfully follow the leading of the One Who knows just what I need and where He wants me to be.

It will be an ongoing decision that I might easily waver from

but this time I write out the verse on a slip of paper and hang it on the wall by my computer.

More of Him, less of me.

 More of His instruction, less of my distractions.

I feel more free already.

Yes, it’s going to be a good day.



When You’re Afraid

Fear chases relentlessly

but faith runs faster.

Fear taunts and teases

especially in the dark

but faith sings songs of deliverance

and speaks God’s promises

before it sees the answer.

From as far back as I can remember I have known fear.

Waves of stomach churning fear

and paralyzing anxiety.

It was so easy to look at my own weaknesses and limitations

confident that whatever it was

whatever the situation

I couldn’t do it.

Please Lord,

give me a great faith

I’d silently pray.

Years went by with small gains.

Until I came to know more deeply the One Who understood all of my fears

and He whispered, “Do it afraid.”

What a strange idea.

I had never thought that way before.

No, I thought being afraid

meant to avoid whatever the thing was the I was afraid of.


That only served to strengthen the fears.

Do it afraid.

Slowly I began to tiptoe out of the safe

into the scary

and risk defeat.

“Fear arises when we imagine that everything depends on us.” E. Elliot

I knew that I wasn’t smart enough or talented enough

but I began to realize that I didn’t have to be.

No, I was looking at life without Him.

Truth says that I plus Christ can do anything He calls me to do.


That was the secret.

That is the secret.

That always will be the secret.

Not in our own strength or ability.

He will give us victory right where we are

as we depend upon Him.

~ “Sometimes when we are called to obey, the fear does not subside and we are expected to move against the fear. One must choose to do it afraid. E. Elliot

So what do you fear today?

Yes, what is holding you in tight ropes of bondage?

If you knew you’d be successful, what would you do?

Words of truth come to mind as I click out this marvelous message of hope for all.

“The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.” E. Elliot

He is able.

He is more than able to enable you to do just that

as you lean upon Him.

Let’s not settle for a small, safe existence

when He wants to give us an abundant life.

Let’s not narrow our choices by what we can do without Him

Instead let’s open our minds and hearts to His still Voice.


particularly with a focus on His promises and power

draws our attention away from ourselves unto Him and His ability.

Do it afraid.

Yes, those butterflies might still come when

facing a challenge that stretches you beyond yourself

But do it anyway.

Keep moving forward

knowing that fear will flee

yes, actually slink away into hiding – powerless-

when you determine to walk by faith no matter what the feelings.

Do it afraid, my friends,

and don’t stop moving forward.

He is more than able to give you VICTORY.


“If you believe in a God who controls the big things, you have to believe in a God who controls the little things.” E. Elliotroses in the morning 2015

When All Hope Is Gone

quiet momentsWhen things seem impossible – believe!

When all has gone wrong – believe!

When you’re told there’s no hope – believe!

When everything,

Yes, everything is turned against you – believe in the LORD!


It’s easy to believe when things are going well. When there’s money in the bank

and we’re healthy and strong. But when life turns upside down

as it can in a flash

that’s when we’re tempted to panic and fear


the LORD has not changed.

He understands your need.

He is stronger than anything that can ever come against you.

Yes, anything, my friends.


place yourself in His Hands.

Let Him be your Hope.

Yes, when all you’ve  depended upon crumbles to dust –


Believe in the LORD!