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Where Are You Looking Today?

David knew his giant

but his gaze didn’t stay there.

No, he lifted his eyes to the Great Shepherd and called upon His Name.

Oh, how many times

We study our problems and analyze the situation.

We weigh the odds and call our friends.

But as David strode forward to face mighty Goliath

his thoughts must have clung to the Lord.

He knew the Power of His Name and that was what mattered.

Yes, it wasn’t important how tall Goliath loomed that day

and it’s not important how tall our giant appears.

No, what matters is the size – the power – of our God.

Our wonderful God is above all!

He still is mighty to save.

So let’s step forward in faith today

trusting the One Who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Let’s call upon His Name

and trust Him to give the victory.

Is anything too hard for our Lord?

No, let your heart beat wildly with that truth today.

Open wide the windows and prepare to receive the victory.255497_3819576564311_786604680_n

Join me in doing that today, won’t you?


Shining Moments

Blooming daffodils covered with snow

encouraged my spirits this morning.

The moment I saw them my heart ached.

My beautiful daffodils bent low with snow.

Not what you would expect in March but there it was.

I stooped to brush off the snow

and gently smoothed their petals.

Immediately they stood a little taller

and I knew that with the rising temperatures

they would soon bloom beautifully again.

There are times when life can suddenly throw heavy burdens our way.

Unexpected challenges

can cause our spirits to droop

our attitudes to dip

and our hearts to quiver.


like those daffodils,

we were not meant to be under burdens.

No, we were not meant to carry it ourselves.

There is One

Who sees all

and knows all.

One Who stoops to brush off the load

or carry it

if need be.

Let’s remember Who He is

and who we are.

Let’s see Him tenderly touching us with love

knowing the reason we are bent

and let the wonder of His forever Love

lift our spirits once again

allowing us to fulfill  the purpose for which we have been created.

Lift your spirits, my friends.

You are not alone.

There is One Who walks beside you

and He cares for you.