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Waking up that morning

I tip-toed downstairs

so as not to awaken my daughters.

Something was different.

Something was changed.

What could it be?

I turned the coffee maker on, fed my begging  lab

and let him outside.

Still thinking.


Something was different.

Today for the first time in weeks

there was a sense of energy and hope and aliveness.

Where had it come from?

For months there had been this heaviness within.

So many deaths.

So much sickness.

And rules to remember and follow.

But today it was different.

I poured my coffee and sat down in the familiar, deep green comfy chair.

Yes, it had been weeks of holding on,

 hoping upon hope for a change

but today was surprisingly different.

It was as if He had whispered it just for me.

“All things are possible.”

Yes ALL things.

I could hardly contain myself.

All things.

In 2021?

Yes I sensed Him assure me.

 No matter how challenging the days might still be.

No matter how difficult the problems.

God’s promise was still true. He knows and sees and loves us still.

He had not changed.

The wonder of it all flooded me again with new life.

What was different?

Why the change?

I can’t explain it but I realize it’s true – like never before.

God’s Word for me, for us, for all of us,

hasn’t changed.

All things are still possible.

I don’t know about you but that literally thrills me.

I’ve needed to know it afresh.

Maybe you do too.

Get away from the many distractions,

   the loud voices,

    the noise,

and turn to Him.

He wants you to come closer, to lean in, to bend your ear.

Listen well, my friends.

All things are possible with God.

He wants you to know this.


Especially today.



Shining Moments

The moment I saw her picture my heart beat strong within me.

I’ll never forget it.

Her eyes, I thought. She needs to smile.

The gaze that stared back at my from the photo was flat and empty.

From that moment on

I was determined to find her and make her mine.

An adoption planned in heaven?

That precious one is now almost twenty and she lights up the world with her smile.

I thought I was done.

My mother heart was full.

But God had a different plan.

He showed me another little face.

Tiny and sad.

Withdrawn and obviously needing mother love.

From the moment I saw that video I was set on a path

to find her and to make her mine.

Today that little one is a growing thirteen year old.

Almost as tall as I am and learning in every area.

Amazing changes in her life.

Another adoption designed by God.

Whose face moves you?

Needs abound

Where ever you look.

The elderly –

the children-

the poor-

the sick –

the grieving-

the abused –

tears falling like oceans while I write this simple blog.

Do you see the faces? Do you hear the cries?

I don’t want to ever become so comfortable that I somehow don’t see or hear.

While scrolling on the internet a few days ago

I saw another little face.

She was tiny – so very tiny-

and had no eyes or nose.

She was beautiful

and would need lots of love and care

to help her become all that God wants her to be.

My heart leaped to her

still does.

I long to have the means to scoop her up and care for her.


if not I

maybe you.

Yes, maybe you will see her need and respond with a “Yes”!

That’s all God ever asks of us

Our willingness

Our hearts.

He is more than able to do what seems impossible with man.

Have you discovered this?

Whose face do you see today?



Shining Moments

We can do so much more than we think we can. People tend to think small and aim low. But if we were to begin to get a glimpse of our real potential we’d be astounded.

So what are you doing that stretches you today?

Beyond your comfort zone…

Hanging onto the end of the branch type challenge..

Digging down deep within and letting yourself begin to sense the thrill of accomplishing more than you ever thought possible.

God loves the word Impossible!

Do you?

Again and again He leads people to face their giants

      And to walk on water

        Following Him

           Knowing that if they fail-they fail.

What’s your challenge?

The runner in me loves to go beyond what I think I can do.

The musician in me enjoys practicing again and again until I can play a piece that I didn’t think I’d be able to ever play.




Like taking a calculus course and passing it.

Or learning another language at 50.

Time after time I’ve sensed the call to do more

                                                                    and give more

                                                                        and be more

Fear always appears with those mocking questions

How in the world do you think that little ole’ you can do that?

I wither and begin to squirm at those ugly taunts and sneers.

But then I stand up straight and look fear in its frightful face and declare

   “I can’t!”

That’s the point, isn’t it?

We can’t. But there is One bigger and greater than you and I who loves to show Himself

Faithful and true.

In a world that cheers high self-esteem and applauds the self only to recognize its limits

Let’s look to the One who is Above All and live beyond our limits

    And into His Grace.

What do you think?

Look again at that challenge…

     Oh yes you can. Take His Hand and run the race of life with Him.