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This Key Changes Everything

Change your thoughts –

Change your life.

Powerful thought. It’s right there for you.

But how difficult it is some days to simply change our thoughts.

We are surrounded with storms on every side and within.

Problems and conflict.

Loss and struggle.

You know what I mean.

If I were to write out the challenges of this past week

it would be too long to even want to print

and certainly not an encouragement for you or I.

No, you’re like me. We all face challenges.

Life is tough – no doubt about it.

But there’s a key. Remember. A key that changes everything.


Yes, that’s the key.

Our focus.

If we focus on the darkness of the storm, the pain of the struggle

the difficulty of our situation

we drag ourselves down into a pit of discouragement.

But if we focus on the blue sky- the positives that are all around –

the hope within and without

And most of all the God of all Hope and Comfort.



Life becomes easier.

The stronger our focus on the blue sky

that oftentimes is hidden behind the clouds

we are strengthened to go one step further.

And that’s where everything changes.

Taking that one step.

So how do we focus on the positive?

There are many ways  –

Read scripture, play music, talk with a friend, pray.

Those are just a few ideas and not in any particular order.

I also find that when I remember how I’ve been strengthened in the past

I am encouraged.

Yes, I can encourage myself and so can you.


A laser focus on the positive.

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; Proverbs 4:6

Yes, change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.




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Shining Moments

“Let’s go to Rick’s,” I said one morning while on vacation in Maine.

Both girls looked at me with questions in their eyes.


“Well we can ride the trolley and it will take us right to it.”

Little did I know that that would not be the case.

No, we rode the trolley only so far.

“This is as close as I go to Rick’s,” the driver said opening the door.

“You walk down that-a way and you’ll come to it.”

He motioned with his hand.

Ok, I thought. A little walk.

Rick’s was worth it.

Rick’s is a well-known restaurant in York featuring not only delicious cooking but also great service. Over the years I have been there many times and always enjoyed the yummy food.

Yes, it was worth the walk.

So we started down the street

   And walked and walked.

Every time we came to a bend in the road I thought we’d see the restaurant.

But unfortunately one bend only led to another and another.

I don’t know how long we walked but it was long.


  finally we saw it.

A line was already outside the door so we took our place at the end and passed the time laughing and talking

   glad to have arrived.

Eventually our time came and we were led to a table over in the corner.

I glanced around the familiar restaurant that held so many memories for me

Like it was yesterday I could picture my mom and dad sitting at a table.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked down at the menu.

Still the same

   And I knew just what to order.

Some times in life

  When you go back

     It’s all different.

But this was one of those shining moments when I was able to go back

   for just a little while

   yesterday and today becoming one.

Yes, it was a long walk

  our feet hurt

    our legs ached

       but today looking back I’m so glad that we put forth the effort and went.

Like pearls

   I cherish special memories and like to share them with my girls.

Do you find yourself doing that too?

Shining memories are meant to be treasured and shared.

Will I ever get back to Rick’s again?

I don’t know but I’m sure glad that we seized the opportunity that we had.

Sometimes you don’t have another chance.


Set Your Focus

Problems abound on every side. Shootings. Deaths. Divorces. Bankruptcy. Illnesses.

It seems wherever you look there are more problems. So is it possible to stay focused on the good in the midst of the continual parade of problems?

And what happens if one can’t?

The challenges of life demand our best efforts, our utmost energies focused on solutions.

We must not allow the problems to distract us from what needs to be done today.

Problems drain energies and cloud thinking. Focusing on them pulls one down making it difficult to think clearly.

 Focus on the good!

 That’s right. Begin to think about what is good in your life.

Grab a piece of paper and write it down.

Immediately, I think of a few.

Life. My God Who never changes.

Love in all its many splendors.


 I’m beginning to write quicker as my thoughts push the problems to the background.

 Nature. Sunsets and sunrises.

Daffodils blooming in February.

Dogs that choose to rest beside you and nuzzle your hand.

 And on and on.

 Friends both near and far.

Surprises that break into our life as God’s special gifts.

Hope. Yes, there’s always hope. Always.


By focusing on what is true and good we begin to see more clearly. We begin to think more accurately. Life takes on a different hue and our attitudes change.


Choose to set your focus on the good today. Consider filtering out the negative.  No one needs to be bombarded constantly by problems particularly from the media.

Lift your thoughts up higher and rejoice.

We’re not Home yet. For now, let’s join hands and heart and keep singing.