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Shining Moments

Shining moments abound in the month of May and although some of them bring twinges of sadness they still shine brightly.

Tomorrow my older brother Dave would have had a birthday. Being only two years apart we shared a lot including birthday week. While I chose to have a chocolate cake, he preferred pineapple upside down cake. While I always wanted chocolate ice cream he chose strawberry or cherry or something fruity.

He was my big hero brother.

Taller than I.

Smarter than I.

A risk taker while I clung to the shores of safety.

Caring and colorful.

From the time when we both were very young it was obvious that he was creative.

One memory that shines brightly is when he was about 9 and I was 7. We spent many hours upstairs together preparing skits to perform for our parents.

One of our favorites was Amos and Andy.


Yes, we put on our Dad’s jackets and hats, and memorized our lines from an old book that my Dad had in his library.

I can still see us standing in the living room looking out at our parents who were sitting on the sofa. I was nervous but Dave was the leader. We didn’t get very far into the play before Mom and Dad were laughing hilariously.

Sweet memories.

He played the clarinet and always on Christmas Eve I could talk him into playing a number or two for our Christmas program.

And then when I was very young he insisted we move a very large rock to another part of the yard.

“No,” I told him. “It’s much too heavy.” We were both very young.
But he insisted and so we both bent over to pick it up. He on his side and I on mine.

Sweat pouring. Trying to  walk.

“I can’t hold it,” I told between breaths.

“Oh yes you can,” he urged and kept walking.

But I was right. I couldn’t.

It dropped from my small hands and landed on our feet. Two big toes crushed beneath the large rock. Ouch.

And the last thing I remember was each of us wearing a big yellow lemon on our big toe covered by a sock. He was certainly not happy with me that day.

Yes, he passed away much too soon. And I miss him every day.

But the memories shine brightly lighting up today with smiles and laughter.

Let’s keep making shining memories today that will brighten the lives of those follow us.

Slow down. Seize the moment.

Lick the ice cream cones. Fly the kites. Play the games.

Make those memories.

Shining Moments

Many years ago I had a tree house. Well, it wasn’t actually mine but I helped build it and make it comfy. And sometimes when the air is blowing just a certain way and the birds are chirping I remember back to my favorite place up there hidden among the branches.

My older brother Dave was the architect and chief builder of the tree house. And my role was one of helper. He was nine and I seven.

We lived in a very small white cottage Ashokan ,New York near the Catskills. And the big maple tree stood in our front yard. It was a child’s playground to be sure.

Yes, there Dave and I worked day after day carrying up pieces of wood one at a time and nailing them in place to make it safe. I can still see his excited smile as he saw his idea becoming a reality. From way up high we could look down and see everything. But no one could see us. So much fun.

No, the huge branches and leaves wonderfully hid us from view. Our secret place.

The tree house was where I liked to play for hours.  Graham crackers were frequent treats.

And from way up high I could look down and see our favorite sheep, Beauty, grazing nearby. What a beautiful sheep she was.

Bug town, our insect community, was located behind our home.

No problems. No worries. No cares.

Just the big sky and lots and lots of wildflowers and berries.

Memories like these warm my heart today.

Yes. there are days still when I long to climb that old tree and hide in that tree house until suppertime.


Childhood is the time for play and creativity. But it need not stop there.

No, we all need to keep playing. To find time to let our creative juices flow.

To breathe deeply the air and really look and see.

Yesterday is rich with memories of simple pleasures that still bring me so much joy.

Lemonade stands, roller skating, catching lightning bugs. Boondoggles.

Sadly the children of today are frequently strangers to these pleasures.

We must be intentional and seize the opportunities while we can.

Let’s keep making lasting memories today.


Take Time to Play

In order to increase your energy in life it is important to have times of play. Times when you can just let your hair down and laugh play like children.

We never outgrow the need. But all too often adults develop a habit of work, work, work.

Slowly our energies dwindle, our mood grows heavy, and the light goes out of our eyes.

You’ve been there and so have I. Research shows the negative impact of constant work on the human body.

So what can you do to reverse this deadening tendency?


Have you ever noticed how just a few minutes of play changes the way you feel?

If you have children or grandchildren, take a few minutes with them and really play. They will love it and you will feel better as a result.

Years ago we used to set up a mini gym in our living room. The girls and I would somersault off the chairs and onto the floor. Giggles and cheers filled the air especially when they saw me do it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that how about catching lightning bugs, dancing in the rain, making shadows on the wall, blowing bubbles, board games, hop scotch, etc.

There are so many ways to play. The ideas are limitless. Ask a child?  They’ll tell you how.

So make some time to play today. It doesn’t have to take long or cost any money. Just play.

Well, I’m off for a walk in the rain. How are you going to play?