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Shining Moments

Prepare for the worst

      but pray for the best.


   and pray

      and above all praise!

Today although it continues to rain a little

    we are grateful to only be dealing with fallen trees


          and flooding.

But we did prepare. Yes, I not only put extra gas in the car

    but also bought a new battery for our flashlight

       and some jugs of water.

We prayed as the storm approached closer and closer.

Last night as the wind roared rattling our windows

   I looked at my girls while my heart turned upward.

I knew better than they that our tissue paper townhouse

    would not be able to withstand high winds.

I knew that that tree beside our house could tobble at any moment.

Again and again the gusty winds blew

     and the rain fell in torrents.

But while it poured outside

  and we waited for it to pass

   we prayed.

Eventually sleep took over

    but somewhere in the middle of the night I noticed a change.

Noah must have heard it too.


The beautiful sound of silence.

The winds were stilled;

     the rains had ceased.

We would assess the damage in the morning.

The storm had passed by.

Peace be still.

It’s a lot like life, isn’t it?

For a season we are held in the ugly grip of terrible grief

    and changes we had not wanted or ever expected.

Our life rocks as we hold on

   One day at a time

    Praying for guidance and peace.

And then that moment comes.

That glorious moment

   when all of a sudden we notice the silence.

Peace has come again

   and we know that life

    our life

   will  be restored in a new and different way.

His Love holds us firm not only through the storm

   but also during the time of rebuilding and restoring.

His Love is a sure Foundation that we can trust.

Storms may come

  but the storm will pass

    and a new day will come.

Is it a new day for you?

Trust Him to guide you ever so gently through each moment.

His plans for you are good.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “plans to prosper you and

  to give you a  hope and a future.”

Lift up your heart, rejoice in the silence,

    a new day has come.


Your Life Plan


Have you thought about your funeral lately?  I know. Most people just don’t want to think about that. But from time to time I think about my end with the purpose of assessing if I am on the right track. You see it I don’t think about the direction I am going I will not end up accomplishing what I believe I am here to do.

Life without purpose if like driving a car focusing only on the wheels without any sense of direction. 

Without a sense of purpose in life, one busy day just follows another. Like a gerbil running frantically on its wheel, we get nowhere.

It is strange how the young people can often see it better than adults.

“It’s all about wheels or direction,” this eleven year old said with all seriousness.

I pondered her words as I began to grasp their  importance.

“If you just focus on the wheels, you don’t see where you are headed. You miss that  completely.”

Wheels are important. Finances. Education. Health. Vacations. Career.

But it’s essential that we spend time considering what our purpose is.

Years ago my life took an unexpected turn. My plan A, my hopes and dreams of what I really longed for in life, came crumbling down. I was forced to pray and listen again in the stillness. I had to face the hard questions about life and purpose.

Answers did not come immediately but over days and weeks I began to sense  that longing I had had since younger days to help others, to serve, to make a difference one person at a time.

Plan B began to unfold as I put God first in my life. Slowly an opportunity opened up from an unexpected place and I stepped forward.

Wheels or direction? How about you?

Consider the direction of your life.  Is your life heading where you want it too?

Maybe it’s time to develop your life plan.