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Weak Becomes Strong

It is the strangest thing…

    but in our world of bigger and better

    God often uses the weak and insignificant in this world’s eyes

    to accomplish His Purposes.

Strange, isn’t it? Very strange.

Yes, we get so used to the bigger, the better, the more beautiful, the richest 

    being chosen or having the position.

But God sees things differently than us.

We are taught to look at our assets,

    to gaze at our list of accomplishments before even trying 

    but God just doesn’t seem to work that way.

No, many times He chooses who we would have overlooked.

In God’s economy some of the seemingly weakest things are strong.

This paradox is not by accident.

No, it’s part of God’s design.

Like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes that the boy offered.

That small lunch became enough to feed more than 5,000 in Jesus’ hands.

And that simple rod in Moses hand became enough to part the Red Sea among other miracles.

So do you ever feel insignificant?




Well the truth is you are not. Feelings can lie.

No, in God’s hands your weakness becomes strong.

Your insignificance becomes great.

God has an amazing way of using the simple to accomplish His Purposes.

Just give yourself to Him,

     Surrender your way and your plans into His Hands

    And you, too, will see that He delights in doing what is more than we can ask or think.

Little is much in God’s Hands.

And all the Glory goes to Him. 





What Is That To You?

Life races on. One day after another.

Family. Work. Faith. Juggling and more juggling.

Winter. Spring….

Glorious Spring.

Patience. Peace…

Uh peace?

Was I really at peace?

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by technology. At least for me.

Checking this. Adding that. Commenting here. Reposting that.

All the while aware

without even wanting to know

what so many others are doing.

Beaches. Cruises. Books. Families. Weddings. Graduations. And on and on.

When suddenly  a strange feeling like a thick blanket comes over me.

Why? Yes why?

Crazy as it seems the constant awareness of what others are doing

instead of giving joy brings weariness and the beginnings of discouragement.

Lord, you know all that is going on.

Like pulling out of an ocean of sticky molasses

I reach for His Hand  and hear His gentle whisper.

“What is that to you?”

Suddenly the busyness stops. The noise quiets. And my heart beats slower.

Yes, what is it to me?

His Call to me is unique.

His Love to follow is personal.

His purpose for my life is chosen just for me.

So what is it to me? To us?

Quiet the noise and keep our eyes on the One Who called us.

Be intentional. Refuse to get distracted.

And remember

What is that to you?

You follow Me.


april 15

Shining Moments

Sand castles.

    Every where I looked there were sand castles.

      Some simple but a few very ornate.

         taking hours and hours to have made them.

I thought of the folks who invested their time and creativity in building the sand castles.

Sand castles that would in only a few hours be swept away by the incoming tide.

Seemed like such a waste

   but on second thought

      maybe not a waste at all.

For in the moment the sand castles spoke of purpose and commitment.

They proudly proclaimed the hard work of one or more

   patiently digging the sand

       piling it carefully and smoothing it out

         shaping the edges

            symbols of beauty and art upon the sandy stretch of beach.

Yes, I have built my share of sand castles

   and have always felt so sad when they’ve been crumbled.

But more often than not I make another one.

Some of life’s tasks can feel like building a sand castle.

You work and work

    shape and mold

      sometimes even involve others

only to see the soon demise of all your efforts.

The book goes out of print.

Families are torn apart

  Marriages broken beyond repair

  Churches split

  Communities divided.

All sand castles?

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Psalms 127

All of us build our sand castles on the sands of time.

All of us dreams our little dreams of what we will do with our lives.

We dig our moats and carefully erect our walls of self protection.

We shape and mold our decisions and personal choices

    into castles.

When we are young we oftentimes do this happily thinking we have lots and lots of time.

We sometimes forget that God is even there.

     He seems so remote…so far away.

But then the tide sweeps in with a roar and all is suddenly


Some of us spend years trying to keep out the Father’s  presence

    from invading our lives.

And all too often it is the sweeping waves of His Spirit that  finally show us

  how blind we have been to His Power and Presence in our lives.

Let our lives be lived with a constant awareness of His Presence

      and the knowledge that we cannot keep Him out.

God always has the last word.