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Coffee And More

sept 10 coffeeIt was one of those days when I was weary from the countless responsibilities

and an endless list of tasks.

Coffee, I thought. Yes, I need an extra large cup of coffee to make it through this day.


So I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and asked for a large, yes extra large cup of coffee.

My thoughts flitted from this to that

until I the gal handed me  the cup.

I smiled not realizing that my unspoken prayer was about to be answered

For some reason today I glanced down at the cup and read the writing on the side.

Dark, bold letters –


Suddenly it was like a light came on.

The only thing I can depend upon  every time is my Lord. Every time.

Walking outside into the cold air my step picked up.

Sure there are some people that are dependable. What would we ever do without them?

Gifts of God to be sure.

But every time? Those simple words drew my focus upward to the One Who never let me down.

In a world of increased stress and the possibility for discouragement on every side.

He never fails.

He has promised His Presence and Protection and Peace

for all who look to Him. For me.


As I mentally hugged that truth to my weary heart I felt fresh courage and strength.

And right there I bowed my head and asked Him again to be that for me. Today.

Anything  can become an instrument  of  encouragement and comfort.

For me,


it is a cup of coffee.

How about you?

Lord, open our eyes to see you wherever we are today.

And may we be strengthened to serve you  this moment.

My prayers are with you today, my friend.

Try It One More Time

Are you ready to give up?

Prepared to throw in the towel?

You tell yourself that it was a mistake to begin with?

You’re beaten. Done.  At the end of your rope.




I know how you feel.

My life too has known pain and discouragement.

But before you give up,

“Try one more time.”

Yes, you heard me.

Just one more time.

I remember a time a few years ago.

Flying back to the states with empty arms and a broken heart.

The adoption I had hoped to complete had failed miserably

leaving me drained in so many areas of my life.

“What are we going to do?” my eight year old daughter asked.

Her troubled eyes met mine and I swallowed hard winter treebegging the Lord to give me the right words.

“I don’t know, honey. We will wait and pray.”

A year and a half silently passed. No sign of hope. No writing in the sky.

When suddenly I got a call, moved  forward in faith

and adopted my youngest daughter from Russia.

It’s too easy to give up and to convince ourselves that we were wrong in the first place.

Yes, too easy to quit and throw in the towel.

Too easy to stop writing when the pile of rejection slips grows.

Too easy to stop submitting

convincing ourselves that it was all a mistake.

When the world and even our own self whispers to quit,


‘Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.’ Galatians 6:9

Have you been waiting quite a while?

Have all your efforts led to nothing?


You have no idea how many people quit right before their success.

If they had only persevered one more time.

Trusting God to do what only He can do.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Come on now,