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Shining Moments

She was deeply intent on her coloring

as I walked by her desk.

Small fist guiding a purple crayon back and forth

across the white drawing paper.

“What are you drawing?” I asked

and I’ll never forget her answer.

“It’s a pink dress

for my Mama.”

Her brown eyes danced as she spoke.

I smiled and nodded.

“Oh, she’s really going to like it.”
“Well, she doesn’t have no pretty dresses.”
Her bottom lip trembled as she spoke.

“She has nuffin’ pretty so I’m making her a dress.”

My thoughts wandered to her mother

the young woman who stood by my classroom door

every afternoon to pick up her daughter.

Practically a child herself

Hair pulled back and usually with a little one on her hip.

“You’re Mommy is going to be very happy,” I said

bending low so that only she would hear me.

I can still see that crayon smudged picture

colored by that precious,little girl.

If she could

she would have given her Mommy the moon.

But she couldn’t

so she did what she could.

Sometimes we need the wisdom of children.

Single parents struggling to make ends meet.

Families already up their ears in debt.

Christmas need not be a reason

to spend what we do not have.

No, but it is a time to express the love within our hearts.

Hearts have a language that is beyond words.

More often than not

just spending time together

means more than the most expensive gift.

So let’s consider ways

to love

and give

and share.

Last week I took my youngest to the diner.

“One hot fudge sundae

with nuts

and whipped cream

and a cherry on top,” we ordered,

“and please

two spoons.”

A simple gift of time that will not be soon be forgotten.

How about you?

Look beyond the expected

and observe the simplicity of love.

Yes, come toBethlehem, my friends,

and see.

Shining Moments

From the time when I was very young I wanted to play the piano. So when my parents bought an old upright piano when I was nine, I was thrilled.

I sat down with my mom’s old piano books and worked to figure it out.

One note at a time

   I began to play.

      First the right hand and then the left.

          Slowly adding chords, sharps and flats.

Because of our many moves I never had a piano teacher for long.

But that didn’t diminish my desire to play.

Somehow I was able to express myself best through playing the piano.

It was and is still today my favorite way to spend some free time.

My love for playing the piano

   somehow was passed on to my oldest daughter.

“Teach me, Mommy,” she’d ask and I would sit beside her carefully showing her how to

     make  beautiful music.

Oh the fun we had playing four hand piano duets.

I can still hear the sounds Edelweiss.

Shining moments.

Life keeps going and today Jenny also plays the piano.

Slowly she began

   One note at a time

     carefully placing her hands in the right position

         and then very tentatively at first

             and later with confidence

                 playing the whole piece.

As a parent it’s a joy to watch our kids learn to do things

   to face challenges and to grow and learn.

But when they begin to enjoy something that has given us much pleasure over the years

   Well, that’s a special joy.

God also rejoices when we experience His Joy

  When we get excited about the things that excite Him

  When we catch the vision

      And hear that song of love.

“The Father gave the Son

     The Son gave the Spirit

         The Spirit gives us life

             So we can give the gift of love.” *

Gifts are meant to be passed on.

I still have more passing to do

What about you?

Are you passing on the things that matter the most to do?

Keep doing that

    Music, photography, writing, teaching

        and most of all

            that gift of love.

Those following in our footsteps need us to pass it on.


 *The Gift Goes On.”       


Shining Moments

Her feet were so tiny when I first met her more than nine years ago in Kostroma, Russia.

And as I slipped them into those pink little shoes that had I purchased in Kiev

    more than a year before

    I marveled at the perfect fit.

God knew that they were her shoes

    way before I did.

He always knows.

Now, today her feet have grown.

Yes, I can hardly keep up with Jenny’s growing body.

Almost up to my nose

   and wearing some of my clothes these days.

This past week

   the rubber on her shoes began to split.

“I’ll need a new pair soon.”

She showed me her shoes.

Immediately I remembered an old pair of mine that still had some life in them.

“Try on those shoes of mine in the closet,” I said.

Maybe. Just maybe.

 She quickly went to find them

   and came back with them on her feet

   and the biggest smile on her face.

“They fit fine, Mom. Look.”

You would have thought she’d won the lottery.

So much happiness shining.

My shoes? Already, this little pumpkin that started out weighing 1 ½ pounds

   is now wearing my shoes.

Can it be?

Then it hit me.

She’s walking in my shoes.

I am her example in more ways than one.

What a huge responsibility to parent.

What a holy calling.

Only with His Grace and Truth can I possibly be the example that she needs.

Father, help me to follow close to you.

   To lead my daughters to walk in love and obedience to your Word.

    To live humbly

         eager to serve

         looking to please You in everything I do.

Yes, they’re both walking in my shoes these days.

Hard to believe

   but constantly giving me reminders to follow closely in His Steps.