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Shining Moments

Did you ever, as a child, wait for Christmas..

      that special gift

         knowing that it would fill all your dreams

    only to be disappointed?

Did you ever work and save for something

  only to be let down

    and feeling ripped off

Many things in life are like that

  drawing us to look to the Only One

    who can fill those empty places in our lives.

But sometimes as a loving Father He pours out His blessings

   seeming to say, “I love you much much more that you can ever realize.”

I felt that way at York BeachMaine this past week.

Hour upon hour I gazed out on the vast sea



     marveling at its always changing beauty.

Thinking about the vastness of God’s love for each and every one of us.

I walked the long beach in the early morning hours

  water sparkling with diamonds

   sun rising splashing my bit of the beach with its golden glow.

There were no disappointments here.


 Once more I sensed Him whispering,

   “There are never any disappointments in Me, Sharon.”

Where else can you turn

  to never be disappointed?

Day after day my feet touched the wet sand

  leaving footprints beside the ones left by the sea gulls and sand pipers.

My God is so great. So strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God cannot do.  

We work and save

   placing our change in the lovely pink rose teapot

     longing to return to York Beach Maine.

We watch and grin as the teapot gets heavier and heavier.

We talk about it.

We reminisce.

And even when we buy something

   the words are often “We can wear this in Maine.”

But better than a thousands trips to Maine

  is knowing the One Who created the vast beauty.

He thunders forth His Love again and again.

As the sea gulls ride the updrafts of air

   and the sandpipers scurry along the sand

     and the wind caresses your back

it all comes down to this

Yes, Jesus loves me

    Yes, Jesus loves me

   Yes, Jesus loves me.

   The Bible tells me so.

You might never get to go to the beach

   You might never see the ocean with your own eyes

      But you can see Him.

He will meet you wherever you are today.

For He wants you to know Him.

Just open your eyes and see.

He’s closer than you think.

Shining Moments

It’s so hard to leave, I thought walking the beach for the last time.

Only God knew when we would be able to return.

So for now I had to take lots of pictures

    and memorize the sights and sounds.

Wish I could bottle the air and bring it home with me.

My eyes scanned the beach again

   resting on the stones.

Stones that represented years and years of smoothing by the powerful ocean.

Stones that reminded me of the one I sat on every day.

Stones that each held a story.

Yes, one stone would be just right.

I walked over and bent down to pick up one.

Whew, it was heavy

    but no store-bought souvenir could compare with it.

And I knew just where I would put it.

Well I ended up taking home a few stones that year

   carefully placing them in the front of our home.

Day after day I pass them

   remembering my bit of beach

   remembering the sight, sounds and special family times.

For some they might just look like stones.

But for me

    and my girls

      they remind us of a beautiful time

                                         and our little heaven on earth.

Life often gives us times when we can’t take it all.

    Yes, there is no way that we can hold onto everything.

That would be as foolish as trying to bag all the ocean

   But we can choose something here

                             a reminder there

So that we don’t forget in the passing of time.

The seashell on my desk reminds me of Maine.

That beautiful picture reminds me of my dear friend.

Those stones in front of our home

     reminds me of God’s gift of a place.

Take the time to hold and cherish.

Take time to give thanks for all God’s gifts.

He lovingly surrounds us with beautiful touches of heaven

   for those who have eyes to see them.

My soul fills with deep emotion when I gaze out upon the vast ocean

and it sings and sings.

What causes your soul to sing?