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Strength For The Asking

Happy New Year, friends.

It is exciting to face a new year filled with possibilities.

It is energizing to look ahead and remember that there is always more.

Sure there will be challenges we never dreamed of

   and unexpected changes.

Life continues to flow with the unexpected.

But there is hope and there is a way to build a satisfying life.

I long for you, my friend, to meet this year with strength and confidence.

My prayer is that you will boldly face whatever comes your way knowing that you are not alone, knowing that you have what it takes and that you are held by the Hand of the One Who will never let you go.

Just as a physical trainer helps people improve their physical health, a life coach helps you to improve your life.

You will be amazed at how just a few sessions of working with your own personal life coach can turn your life around.

Choose to work with a coach in 2012. Choose to invest in your own growth.

Choose to build peace, purpose and passion into your life.


Don’t wait one more day. Together we will help you move into a life of confidence and strength.

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I’m here for you!


I AM With You


The New Year is fast approaching. Along with that I sense the fears of many people.

Worries about finances, relationship difficulties and simply the unknown seem to overshadow thoughts of a new beginning. Fear reigns instead of faith. Confidence dwindles in the face of risk factors, doctors’ words, shootings, bombs, earthquakes, floods, etc.

Where can we turn when negativity abounds and fear dominates?

Over and over again God reminded His People “Fear not. I am with you.” (Is. 41:10)

It is the promise of His Presence that not only gives us confidence in the midst of difficulties, disasters and devastations but also joy. It is the strength of His Peace that speaks faith to everyone who listens from the little ones to the elderly.

Yes, my heart sings when I think of all the many ways He has provided, protected and blessed me in the past. There have been times when I had no idea how I’d make it through.

But I knew God. I clung to Him. And He made a Way through the hardest of times.

So as we face a New Year, do it with faith and a song in your heart.

God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, is with you. Always.