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Seeing With Your Heart

Many years ago I worked in a Head Start program for the summer.

Precious memories of those energetic four year olds flood my mind.

All different colored eyes and shapes.

A variety of backgrounds

Two wearing glasses and some struggling with very simple skills

but all so eager to learn. For school.

I was preparing to be a teacher and loved this chance to work with these kids –

many whom had much less of this world’s advantages than I.

I left early to go to work each day. As if I couldn’t get enough of my time there.

Giggles and laughter.

Learning and growing.

I remember sitting at

the large wooden rectangular table

at snack time. Littles ones on each side.

Wiggly  bodies. Tiny little hands. Beads of sweat on their noses sometimes.

Dimples. Grins.

They’d chatter back and forth and I absorbed every moment of their delightful company.

For the first time I knew that I was in my niche.


My eyes saw treasure and potential and value.

But my heart pulled me to look beneath the surface

and so I gazed with wonder.

I did the math and saw that the year I was 16

they were born.

Me, dealing with Latin, Geometry, friends, music and so much more

and their tender lives just beginning.

Me, living with advantages  and them with so little. Heartbreaking little.

Some needing a good bath and their nails clipped.

Others obviously needing so much more. Why was it so?

My heart saw their innocence. Their worth.

My heart saw their possibilities.

My heart saw their disadvantages

and I longed to do more

be more

give more.

Yes, the years have passed but I still see those precious little ones

and am grateful for that brief summer

when I was privileged to work with them.

All around us are folks with many, many needs.

It is all too easy to not even see them.

to be blind to the disadvantages, the needs whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual of another.

But we must resist that tendency – the numbing of our senses.

Lord, open my eyes and help me to see

and open my heart to respond to the needs calling to us all around.

See with your heart and it will change your life.

It continues to change mine.

How about you?



feb 29 heart

Shining Moments

The moment I saw her picture my heart beat strong within me.

I’ll never forget it.

Her eyes, I thought. She needs to smile.

The gaze that stared back at my from the photo was flat and empty.

From that moment on

I was determined to find her and make her mine.

An adoption planned in heaven?

That precious one is now almost twenty and she lights up the world with her smile.

I thought I was done.

My mother heart was full.

But God had a different plan.

He showed me another little face.

Tiny and sad.

Withdrawn and obviously needing mother love.

From the moment I saw that video I was set on a path

to find her and to make her mine.

Today that little one is a growing thirteen year old.

Almost as tall as I am and learning in every area.

Amazing changes in her life.

Another adoption designed by God.

Whose face moves you?

Needs abound

Where ever you look.

The elderly –

the children-

the poor-

the sick –

the grieving-

the abused –

tears falling like oceans while I write this simple blog.

Do you see the faces? Do you hear the cries?

I don’t want to ever become so comfortable that I somehow don’t see or hear.

While scrolling on the internet a few days ago

I saw another little face.

She was tiny – so very tiny-

and had no eyes or nose.

She was beautiful

and would need lots of love and care

to help her become all that God wants her to be.

My heart leaped to her

still does.

I long to have the means to scoop her up and care for her.


if not I

maybe you.

Yes, maybe you will see her need and respond with a “Yes”!

That’s all God ever asks of us

Our willingness

Our hearts.

He is more than able to do what seems impossible with man.

Have you discovered this?

Whose face do you see today?



Shining Moments

It was only as I stepped out on something beyond myself

beyond my own abilities

and strengths

that I began to really see God’s faithfulness.

I had always expected to be a mother

always dreamed of holding my own little, sweet smelling infant,

but when life did not unfold that way I had imagined

I wondered.

I waited and prayed

“Your Will, not mine, O God.”

Then suddenly, in rapid time, the sea of impossibility opened

and I found myself traveling to Russia

to adopt my little daughter.

Joy beyond words. Shining moments all over.

Single mother working full time.

God provided.

Moment by moment.

Day by day.

“Expect great things from Me,” I sensed Him whispering.

Finding a mysterious bag at my front door

filled with little girl outfits, tiny shoes and tights

God’s provision. Although I never discovered who left those bags

I knew that God was behind it.

Beyond myself.

I desperately needed Him.

Then seven years later a mysterious tug at my heart.

Another child?

Oh my, this was really beyond my ability to even conceive.

But I followed

one step at a time

and once again He opened the Way.

Days when I had no idea how…..

but I knew Who

so I moved forward.

A car accident a few weeks before I needed to fly to Russia to complete an adoption.

My car totaled

Agonizing over not having enough money.

Beyond myself

Eyes focused on Him.

A never to be forgotten day when I went to work

and as I turned the key to my office

noticed a white envelope on the floor.

Heart beating wildly as I ripped it open

finding a pile of $100 bills.

Tears streaming down my face.

God you are so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A chorus of praises echoing all around.

Enough. He provided exactly enough to do what He had called me to do.

Bringing my second child home.

working hard to support my girls.

Always depending

Knowing we are living beyond ourselves.

But faithfully seeing it again and again and again.

Expect great things from God

    Attempt great things for God. –william carey.

Our loving Lord calls us to find Him faithful

But in order to do that

we must be willing to step out on faith

beyond our own abilities.

Where if we fail, we fail.

Completely dependent on Him.

Only then will we see that He is better than we our highest thoughts.

More loving than our hearts can even imagine.

Holy and faithful and true.

Yesterday the end of the month

depending on Him

needing Him to supply our needs.

Heart racing

Watching the clock

Whispers of prayers

And suddenly seeing again Him meeting every need.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Have you found Him faithful and true?

“My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Paul knew it. He lived it out.

The resources of I Am are more that sufficient for all of our needs.

Yours and mine.