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The Story Behind The Music

I hear the sounds wherever I go –

on every street corner

it seems in every home.

Softly muffled cries – hushed sighs.

Pain. Desperation. Loneliness.

Does anyone care?

My heart is heavy but my faith strong.

There is a God who knows out pain

and sees the hurting soul.

Yes, He draws near to those bent over in sorrow

and reaches to wipe the tears that fall.

My tears and yours.

In the past music has always soothed my soul.

I’d spend hours playing the piano – literally pouring out my heart as I touched the keys.

And as my fingers moved from white to black keys

my heart was quieted and I was at peace.

Music soothes the restless soul. Music calms the frayed nerves.

Growing up I listened to the radio late into the night

discovering the comfort of music as it drew me to the Heart of the One bigger than I.

So quite impulsively I decided to simply play the piano on Facebook Live.

Longing to reach out across the world

with the healing peace that comes from Him.

My shyness took a backseat as I determined not to focus on who would listen

or what anyone would say – how many likes, etc.

Just focus on that one – those many- who are struggling with pain and problems.

And play.

The minutes ticked by slowly as I waited for 9:00pm on Saturday night.

Usually I am preparing to retire after a long day at that time

but this evening I was alert and prepared to play for anyone who happened to listen.

Technology today can sometimes annoy me as it makes it all too easy

for people to disconnect from each other

but this time technology served Him.

At just the hour

I began to softly play – many old hymns from the past.

Focusing on the healing, soothing melodies of old.

Praying for hearts to be drawn into His Rest.

As I touched the last chord my heart was peaceful.

It was as if together – from around the world – we were drawn to worship Him.

And to remember.

One simple piano.

A few melodies of old.

And  the reminder that

He knows. He sees. He cares.

If you didn’t catch it LIVE

you can watch the replay on Facebook.

The need is great. The hour is now.

Together let’s be His Peace.


piano march 26

Shining Moments

Last night we gathered around the piano

singing and playing those old, familiar songs

voices blending together.

One after another.

from Amazing Grace to Great is Thy Faithfulness


outside the strong winds blew

and the rains poured.

Life is a lot like that, isn’t it?

Singing and hearts uplifted inside

all the while

the storm raged outside us.

The music seemed to diminish the harsh sounds of the storm,

at least it changed our focus,

passing the time until the storm passed.


How do I have peace in a world that is raging with problems

and heartbreaks?

Come to Me in your singing, He whispers again.

Sing with all your heart

one song after another

clap to the music, stamp your feet if you wish

but sing with all your heart to Me.

Safely sheltered inside

nestled under His Wings

we are strengthened and quieted by the music.

At midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners

   heard them. (Acts. 16:25)

Are you facing a midnight?

Does it seem dark and scary?


yes, sing praises to the One and Only One.

Lord, lift our hearts out of our circumstances and into Your Grace.

Out of the midnight and into Your Light.

Just begin

with a little phrase or two

and the song will begin to sing itself

pushing the darkness away

drowning out the sound of thunder and winds.

Sing with all your heart, my friends.

Sing and just keep singing.

Shining Moments

“As a man thinketh so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Think upon problems, difficulties and disappointments

   and your spirits droop.

Think upon happy moments, what is good and you discover your mood lifts.

My days are often spent serving as a counselor and life coach

with entering the hearts of hurting people.

How do you do it? I am often asked.

The answer is simple and also complex.

My personality tends to be sunny and upbeat.

    God’s gifting for the call.

But I also am intentional about what I read

           what I watch

            and what I think about.

Focusing on the shining moments all around helps to filter out the negativity

      and richly supply me with plenty of things for which to be thankful.

Tim Janis, wonderful musician and composer,

    continues to bless us with uplifting music that touches the heart.

You can listen to more at his website at



We met a few years ago when he put on a concert in Culpeper,Virginia.

I’ll never forget the thrill of hearing the sounds of his music

     filling the sanctuary with unforgettable melodies of peace and love.

Sounds that inspire hope and faith.


Recently he shared a video

  that brought smiles all around as we listened to it.

Lullaby is sure to touch your heart as it did mine

   helping us all remember the innocent and the good.

        Precious wonders that are all around.




Don’t you just love the ending?

I can see why this happy video will touch the hearts of thousands of children

in the hospitals moving them into a peaceful slumber.


Thank you, Tim Janis.


May your day, my friends,  be filled with shining moments all around.