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Write Your Story-Discover Your Strengths Masterclass

I’m so excited to share this with you, my friends.

Not expensive but life changing.

And I know that some of you might be interested in it.


It’s been part of my life for many years.

A joy, an outlet, a means of expressing my heart.

Although I never considered myself a writer

    I did enjoy writing in my journal or even on scraps of paper.

Bit by bit I began to learn how to frame what I wanted to say.

The rest began to fall into place.

And now. Today. I am preparing to offer a Masterclass

    Write Your Story- Discover Your Strengths

With the purpose of teaching others not only some nuts and bolts about writing

   but also how to discover your own unique God given strengths.

Join with other women by conference call to learn and discuss your writing.

6 one hour meetings beginning Tuesday September 4 at 11:00am-12:00pm eastern

    Or 7:00pm-8:00pm eastern

You don’t need to ever have written anything

   By maybe you are curious about the transformational process of beginning to write.

See only you can write your story in your voice.

Yes, only you.

Sign up now by contacting me at sharonbranicoaching@yahoo.com

Simple. Easy to join. Lots to gain from this small investment.

All for $180.

So please let me know today.

God has used writing to change my life.

It all begins with one small step of saying YES.

Hope to hear from you today.





The Peril Of Having Sight But No Vision

Move forward. Yes, keep moving forward.

That’s where the joy is. That’s where the adventure lies.

Keep moving forward.

But in order to do that

you must have a vision.

Without vision people perish. (Proverbs 29:8)

Without vision we stagnate

continuing to do what we are comfortable doing.

Staying in our nice safe box. Doing what we know best.

But life is about moving forward,

stretching and growing

seeking, reaching, sometimes leaping.

So how do you get a vision?

Ask yourself “If you could do anything what would you be doing?”

“If you could meet anyone

who would you want to meet?”

Or “If you could go anywhere, where you would go?”

Or “If you could write anything knowing it would sell, what would you write?”

Those questions and more will begin to give you an idea of your heart’s true purpose

and a vision.

Spend time in prayer seeking His Will for your life.

Work with a coach who is equipped to lead you in your discovery.

Read books of others who are doing what you’d like to be doing.

Keep moving forward

to the Light of His Purpose.

Life is lived forward

not backward.

Yesterday is gone. What we hold in our hands is the gift of today.

Think vision, dream big and listen to those gentle whispers.

“The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.”
― Helen Keller

Now is the time to set your sails and let Him lead you.

You have no idea what you could possibly accomplish in your lifetime

but He does.

Keep moving forward today.





If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know~

I stared at the blank piece of paper

wondering where to begin. This was many years ago.

Deep within my heart there was a story that needed to be written;

an article that asked to be created


the very thought

of writing an entire article intimidated me.

You see, I had never written anything before

and I was scared.

Scared of what?

Failing, perhaps.

Doing a mediocre job.

Who knows, but I remember feeling paralzyed.

Then those powerful words came to my mind

and sank deep within my spirit.

If you try, you might fail.

But if you never try, you’ll never know.

So with that in mind I began to write –

I knew that I might fail

But if I didn’t even try I’d never know.

I wrote it in one sitting, slipped it in an envelope

along with a return stamped envelope

and mailed it out.



Peace! Gave it my best !

God must have known what my tentative spirit needed.

In days I received an acceptance letter.

Shining moments all around

The check that I got a few days later was only the icing on the cake.

I was a writer.

I was in His service.

Whether I never had anything else to be accepted for publication

I knew that I had tried and succeeded.

What about you?

If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

If you do try, you might fail.

But isn’t failure more about never trying than achieving a certain standard of perfection.

I never knew that I could ride a horse

until I tried. And then I worked very hard to learn more skills.

If you try, you might fail.

Mail out the manuscript. Click off that story. Write the poem. Create the song.

You never know.

You never know what you are capable of doing

Until you try. You never know what God will do through you until you try.

So let’s try, dear friends.

The time is now.

I’m trying – Will you?


august 13