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If Your Light Has Gone Out

Has your light gone out?

Somewhere along the way did something happen that caused your light to flicker and dim and then go out?

Are you groping in darkness

struggling to find your way?

I know.

I understand.

The pain and cruelty and unjustness of our world

can crush the heart and paralyze the spirit.

All around us the world rushes on

and one is left in the dark not even knowing how to move forward

even if you  wanted to.

Cries of the lonely and desperate fill the air.

Is it your cry?

Outside my home a lamppost stands.

A while ago the light went out.

Changing the light bulb made no difference.

When evening shadows fell

our home was surrounded by darkness.

In a world where all too often bad deeds are done in the dark

I was very concerned.

I tried to fix the light myself.

Up on a chair, unscrewing the bulb that didn’t work and

putting in a new one, fastening on the top. Again and again.

But nothing seemed to work.

When night time came

It was still dark.

One season after another.


a kind man stopped by and worked on it.

I watched as he carefully removed the bulb and slowly checked the wires.

He muttered to himself as he cleaned the connections

checking to see that everything worked just right.

Time and dirt from many years had settled in

causing the connections to not work and the light bulb not to shine.

How about you?

Have the pressures from within and the pain from without

blocked those pathways within your heart that used to work?

Discouragement, depression, disease sucking the very life out of you.

“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.
(Matthew 5:14, The Message)”

Soul weary friend,

The light can be restored again. Yes, it can.

As you bring yourself to Him, let Him restore that  inner glow.

Maybe you need the caring hand of a friend to light that flame within you again.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Albert Schweitzer


Just a small spark of kindness and understanding can make all the difference to another, can’t it?

Outside my lamppost is shining brightly again

and my heart is warmed by its glow

and my family is protected by its light.

All too often we need the touch of another to dispel the oppressive darkness

and to restore within us the light within.

His work – restoring lights.

Our work- moving into the darkness in His Strength and Power in His Name.

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Eleanor Roosevelt

 Has your light gone out?

   There is always hope no matter how difficult your situation.

Let’s take His Light into the darkness.

Life-giving restoration is available for you today.the light

   He is the Light that drives away all darkness.























Shining Moments


The words caught my attention in the midst of a busy day.

We had been talking about twitter.

Sorry, but that is really only if your famous

and well…..

Famous?! I have no desire to be famous.

But faithful, yes.

To the One Who loves us came with a purpose.

To live and then die for sinful man

To pay the price for our sin.

To defeat death

and redeem us.

To show us how to live and love.

On every seemingly ordinary day, His Voice calls out,

“I love you.

        Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden.

        And I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Rest, He offers.

Not more work.

Another agenda.

A schedule of more and more busynesses.

No, He offers His life for ours.

Yes, there might be work but it will flow from Him through us


as the ocean tides comes in and goes out.

As we receive Him

His thoughts,

His purpose,

His Love

we give it out

and live it out

in simple,

everyday ways.

One simple conversation with a neighbor becomes holy ground

as we genuinely share concern and hope.

Playing the piano for one

with the angels singing

becomes laced with more importance and meaning to the Lord

than maybe playing in a huge concert hall.

Famous? No, I have no desire to be famous

actually I pray for those who are famous. Their lives are not easy.

The cost is high.

But faithful, yes that is my heart’s desire, my purpose

One day after another

to faithfully serve Him

my whole being at His service

whatever He says

wherever He sends.

To not hold back

but to give thanks to Him in a world that sometimes doesn’t want to hear

to freely, freely serve.

Be Thou my Wisdom

And Thou my true Word

I ever with Thee and Thou with me Lord

Faithfully serving

Faithfully sharing

my heart faithfully beating for the Lord of my Heart.

Do you long for that too?

If so, please let me know.

How Is Your Story Coming?


Everyone has a story. Everyone writes their life story one day at a time. All too often we forget that we have a part in how our story unfolds. We have an important role in how our story ends. Are you writing your story with an eye on the ending you desire?

 My story began a good many years ago. It’s one filled with highs and lows. But throughout my story there is a constant thread of faith in God. There have been times when I didn’t know how my circumstances would unfold but I knew that I never was alone.  His Presence gave peace in the darkest valley and a song that continue to sing within me. How about you?

 Keep your eye on the end of your story as you live one day at a time. What do you want to accomplish? What desires live deep in your heart? Write them into your story?

You have been created in love for a purpose. You matter much more than you think.

He longs to give you a life that matters as you trust in Him.

 Today is a gift. Write your story well. Fill it with deed of kindness. Give a smile. Send that encouraging note. Take the time to share another’s burden. As you do, your story will shine purpose and meaning.

 You are the author.  I’m cheering for you as you write your story today.