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Just Imagining

I remember the first time I heard the song I Can Only Imagine years ago.

Actually 1999.

It moved me to tears thinking of what I would see in heaven. One day.

Being with the Lord.

Walking by His side.

Forever in His Glory.

Joy filled my heart just trying to imagine it.

Then in 2009 my beloved mom went home to be with the Lord and at her request

I Can Only Imagine was played at her funeral.

Tears.  Thinking of her walking those streets with the Lord.

Surrounded by His Glory.

Hope filled my heart as I thought of being with my mom again

and together being with the Lord. One day.

The song brought comfort to my aching heart.

Recently I saw the movie I Can Only Imagine and was moved to tears

as the story of redemption and forgiveness and hope unfolded.

Have you seen it?

This story that touched me deeply. I wept through the whole movie.

My heart feeling the pain of the son who was emotionally and physically abused. Overflowing with emotion for his father who inspired him to write the song.



Simply hurting.

What a powerful reminder that forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness restores.

And forgiveness is possible.

How about you?

Do you struggle as you remember a loved one who is no longer here?

Daily dealing with grief and loss?

Daily feeling the emptiness of life without them?

And how about forgiveness—

Do you or someone you know need that story, that clear reminder that forgiveness

changes lives…even if that person is long since gone.

Breathe in the hope of forgiveness and grace.

Let it seep into those aching places of your soul and begin a work of healing.

Yes, it’s a song and a movie worth experiencing.

Let me know if you’ve seen it and how it was for you.

And together let’s imagine what it will be like…

one day.



Shining Moments All Around

christmasjoy123I thought that I was going to the Post Office to mail off some packages

to the two sweet girls we sponsor through World Vision.

But God had a different plan.

I thought that it would be a simple

go in

fill out some forms

pay for postage and then leave.

Instead it was walk in and see a need

share some encouragement

and come away filled with joy overflowing.

For the woman who met my eyes with her sad grey ones

was burdened and discouraged having recently lost her dad.

My heart beat heavy as I listened as she shared she  tragic story –

a tale of sadness and extreme pain. Family conflict and stress that is all too common today.

You are not alone, I shared.

He is with you!

Christmas angels singing in the background as I spoke His Good News.

Words that have meaning and power today just as much as they did so long ago.

Peace on earth

Goodwill to men!

He has come

He is here

Glorious Hope knowing that He is coming again.

You know what is the hardest? Her voice dropped to a whisper as she spoke.

I feel like such an orphan.

Don’t we all feel like orphans without Him?

But He has not left us as orphans. No, He has come to be with us and to give us life.

Her eyes met mine and we agreed to meet for coffee.

A few minutes of conversation on an ordinary day

and suddenly everything shone with brilliance and light brighter than any store.

Spread the good news

and let your discouraged world know.

Christmas joy is real

and lasting.

We are not alone.

Joy to the World

the Lord has come.

Let every heart prepare Him room.

Are you getting ready?






Shining Moments

abundanceWhen change wrecks your life

the life you have always known

it is difficult to adjust.

Outside they saw down the trees that have graced my home for the more than twenty years that I have lived here.

The splintering of the wood is nothing like the shattered, raw feelings I have.

No one asked. It’s just being done.

Progress for some, I guess, but for me

its heart breaking.

Trees that blossomed in the springtime

transforming my world into a beautiful heaven on earth for a few days.

It never was a problem to sweep  up those blossoms that had fallen.

No, I was always thankful for those trees.

Trees that gave us piles of leaves that my girls jumped in

in the fall.

Yes, yellows and oranges and reds.

But now another limb has fallen

and my heart sinks even deeper.

So what do you do when what you cherished is cut down and destroyed?

How do you handle those waves of helplessness?

Accept those things you cannot change

I whisper to myself all the while trying to block out the sounds coming in my open window.

Change what you can —

Some days there seems so little that I can change.

Feeling so small and lost in the ocean of progress

my spirit wilts and shakes within.

My last spring seeing those gorgeous pink and white blossoms opening.

My last fall watching the falling leaves making a colorful blanket outside.

Life is change

Leaving the familiar and embracing the new.

Sometimes with reluctance

Othertimes kicking and screaming.

Holding those memories close to the heart.

Today, holding them tightly knowing that no man can take those from us.

Outside a barren place.

In my heart an open wound

that only the Father can heal.

Come to Me, He whispers and I fall before Him today

seeking His comfort.

He knows what those trees meant to me. He knows and that’s enough for me.

Be thankful in all things. Be thankful for every memory that you have.

Gifts from the Father’s Hand.