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Live Today

spring flowers1It doesn’t take much to cheer the heart and warm the soul.

No, not much at all

when you think about it.

Winter can be so long

and depending on your particular situation

it can seem even longer.

It has been so for me.

So this morning when I tied on my running shoes

and went outside

my heart flipped with excitement at the warm breezes.

Instead of running I found myself looking all around

at the thousands of little signs of spring.

A carpet of delicate blue flowers

a fragrant purple hyacinth

a forsythia with freshly opened yellow blooms.

The more I saw

the more  I began to see.

It’s always that way isn’t it?

Once we begin to see something

our vision clears and we begin to see more clearly.

Winter lasts only for a season

but Spring always comes.

Do you see the signs of Spring all around?

Is the Winter of your life changing into a time of new life and possibilities?

We need the winter –

that time to be quiet and rest in His Care. The time to grieve and to be still.

But like the changing of seasons

ever so slightly we notice new life


opened doors

new strength.

This is your time to sing, my friend.

Pull out that idea and begin again.

Make that call

Send that email

Explore the markets

and above all take action.

Winter has gone and Spring has come.

All things are become new.

What about you?

Anything you had laid to rest during the cold of Winter?

May His Life fill you with wonder as you begin again.

Those little blue flowers sing a glorious message.

“Live today

with all you’ve got.”

Join me today in doing that. Won’t you?!

Shining Moments

There are those special moments in life that shine with encouragement and sheer wonder.

I experienced one of those a few months ago and it changed how I looked at life.

It was an ordinary day. I stopped by the mail box before and discovered a small brown envelope with handwriting that I did not recognize. My eyes went to the return address.West Virginia? I knew no one in West Virginia.

Curiosity arose as I walked into my home and put down all the other things in my hands.

“What’s that?” I overheard one of my daughters say. I shook my head and began to open the envelope.

Slowly I took out the mysterious contents. Various sizes and shapes of paper with writing on them. Some typed. Others handwritten. Then I saw a simple handwritten sheet with my name on it.

Dear Sharon it began.

As I read my heart was strangely moved. Years ago I had written and had published an article that had encouraged this woman who had sent me the package. She had not only kept the article but had continued to write poems to lift the spirits of others.

Somehow she had come upon my address and decided to send me some poems to thank me for how her life had been changed as a result of my writings.

‘I hope you will be encouraged today knowing that you made such a difference in my life.’

Waves of thankfulness swept over me as I read her words.

No, I never would have thought that I had done something that helped a dear woman in West Virginia.

She in turn greatly blessed me in sending me the letter and her beautiful poems.

We never know, do we?

It seems like an ordinary day. But in truth you have no idea how much you have helped another on life’s journey.

Many of you have touched me in very special ways.

Your words. Your comments. All those little things that are really not so little after all.

Life is not long enough for us to let others know, is it?

Every deed of kindness has a purpose with ripples that spread much further than we could possibly imagine.

Look for those shining moment today. They are all around.