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Sometimes It Hurts

Every change involves letting go of what has been

to embrace the new.

Now I don’t know about you but that’s sometimes been a process for me.

Letting go of the beautiful pink flowered bedroom in Kansas City

for the ugly yellow bedroom in Owego.

But it didn’t take me long to get it repainted.

Saying good bye to one career to start another.

Memories of that long walk down the school hall one day

a few years ago.

Lump in my throat. Tears stinging my eyes.


The only sound – that of my high heels on the floor.

The end of a most enjoyable season of my life.



To start building a small private counseling practice.

Something I had no background in.

But to do it I had to be all in.


Committed to helping the people I served.

Letting go of the comfortable and familiar to embrace the strange and the new.

Every change involves letting go of what has been to take hold of the new.

Not easy.

Many times involving a season of grieving.

Although I had prayed and thought it through

the selling of my beloved white cape cod house

to move a long way away

was very difficult.

The actual time of signing the papers and pulling that door closed the last time

was painfully  hard.

But through it all God was there.

He smooths the rough places and gives strength to the weary.

He leads us gently from one place to the next.

From one season of life to another one.

There’s a time to let go

And a time to embrace.

  There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth:..A right time to hold on and another to let go. Ecclesiastes 3:1,2 Msg

Like a child clinging to his favorite toy

I’ve sometimes been guilty of clinging tightly to what I’ve had and enjoyed

so tightly that it was hard to imagine ever feeling at peace again.

But the truth is I eventually was.

Each season has its own color, its own fragrance, its own song.

Let God have that cherish toy you are grasping to yourself

and trust Him to provide for your next season of life too

He will not fail you. He understands.

Every change involves letting go of what has been

to embrace the new.

Don’t miss the new because of fear of change.

Place your hand in His Big Loving Hand.

He is Faithful.


Shining Moments

Simply trusting.

Letting the Lord of life

work in our lives for good and His Glory.


So much easier to talk about than to do.

Memories of myself doing the overhead monkey bars.

Eyeing my destination

letting go

and grabbing the next. Swinging back and forth in the air.

Always struggling with the letting go.

Looking down; fearing that fall

Squeezing tightly to the bar I had in my hands.

Trust Me, He whispers so gently.

We can trust Him above all.

People may fail us but Jesus never.

No, the Great I Am is forever Faithful.

My thoughts wonder to those who have taken steps forward in trust

only to experience challenges beyond their abilities to understand.

Parents who have adopted and need the prayers and support of others to help them.

Ones in jobs that test them day after day. Difficult relationships.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart”

Learning to let go and allow Him to lead.

Walking it

one day at a time.

Listening to the Wind of the Spirit

and allowing Him to move us at His Will.

Hanging onto those monkey bars

I learned quickly

that I must not look down.

That was the end if I did.

No, I had to steel my focus on the goal.

The destination.

A few more bars.

Letting go

grabbing the next. Swinging right and left

until finally I was there. Shining moments.

Life lessons to heed.

Eyes on the goal.

Take my life, Lord, and let it be

consecrated to Thee.

Simple prayers of trust

and then expecting Him to answer.

Faith building moments

Faith growing opportunities.

Leaning on His everlasting Arms that cannot fail.

But I never know that until I take the first step.
















Shining Moments

In order to adopt I had to do two things.

First, I had to let go of my longing for security.

and trust that God would provide



I remember being at the airport and walking towards the

gate for all those boarding the Washington,DC to Moscow flight.

Heart in throat

‘this is it’ feeling.

I turned for one last glimpse of my family

gave a final wave and stepped out of their sight.

Down the long ramp

and into the plane.

Out of myself and into His Love.

My heart was already numb with pain

my mind was still sorting out questions

but my will was focused on God’s Will.

Seeking to follow Him whatever the cost.


I walked carrying my suitcase filled

baby clothes

and a small pink baby blanket.

Adoption in and by itself would not have moved me

to step onto the plane that evening

and fly over the ocean.

No, it was a little face with serious, sad eyes.

That picture burned within my soul a reason.

I went to get her

and to follow Him.

Fears mounted within me as I heard the door closed

and the plane began to move.

Like Issac on the altar

I sat in my seat and closed my eyes

and prayed for God to keep us all safe.

Through the night sky we flew.

The hardest step had been made.

That verse came to mind

Whosoever finds his life will lose it, and whosoever loses his life for my sake

     will find it. Matt. 10:39


Letting go of the known, the safe

freed me to receive LIFE….so much more of life.

Yes, I was a happy as everyone else when I stepped onto American soil

a few days later


deep within my heart I knew His keeping Presence

in a way that I never could have known it staying here.

Again and again I glimpse that truth.

We must let go

in order to receive.

Are you holding onto anything today?

Give it to Jesus and discover how wonderfully He cares for you.

Yes, as the old song goes,

His eyes is on the sparrow

and I know

yes, I know

He cares for you.