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Shining Moments

To market, to market to buy a loaf of apricot pecan whole wheat bread.

Moving Meadows Farm is the place to go on Saturday morning in Culpeper,VA.

Along with other popular vendors their stand keeps beckoning to me.

Today Jenny and I pondered all the tasty selections

    finally settling on the apricot pecan bread.

        I must say, it is the most delectable bread. I had it with coffee

              Jenny had it with a cup of cold milk.

                    Try it. You’ll see.

After getting some fresh chicken breasts we strolled by the other stands.

Colors galore.

Laughter. Relationships. Community spirit.

In the distance I heard the strains of a violin playing

   adding a special mood to this Saturday morning market.

Everything was clean and attractively displayed.

Blooming flowers abounded calling my name.

After a few minutes I chose a lovely red double impatiens hanging planter.

It looks perfect in front of our home.

Thank you Piedmont Growers. Your flowers are always beautiful.

Stroll around some more.

Nod and greet

Exchange a few words

A purchase here, a purchase there

     And then I looked over at Jenny.

Well, anything else?

Her mischievous brown eyes twinkle as if begging me to guess her thoughts.

Cinnamon rolls??

She nodded her head with excitement and we scampered back to the stand.

Just two please, I say and the nice young man moves to get them for me.

This atmosphere energizes me.

Before we leave we looked around to see who was playing the violin.

Oh yes, we found him and such a nice job he did this morning.

Windy Acres also offered a place to sign up for art lessons.

Showers of God’s many gifts.

Food for the body

    And food for the soul.

Home again, home again jiggity-jog.

Shining Moments

Shining moments abound in the month of May and although some of them bring twinges of sadness they still shine brightly.

Tomorrow my older brother Dave would have had a birthday. Being only two years apart we shared a lot including birthday week. While I chose to have a chocolate cake, he preferred pineapple upside down cake. While I always wanted chocolate ice cream he chose strawberry or cherry or something fruity.

He was my big hero brother.

Taller than I.

Smarter than I.

A risk taker while I clung to the shores of safety.

Caring and colorful.

From the time when we both were very young it was obvious that he was creative.

One memory that shines brightly is when he was about 9 and I was 7. We spent many hours upstairs together preparing skits to perform for our parents.

One of our favorites was Amos and Andy.


Yes, we put on our Dad’s jackets and hats, and memorized our lines from an old book that my Dad had in his library.

I can still see us standing in the living room looking out at our parents who were sitting on the sofa. I was nervous but Dave was the leader. We didn’t get very far into the play before Mom and Dad were laughing hilariously.

Sweet memories.

He played the clarinet and always on Christmas Eve I could talk him into playing a number or two for our Christmas program.

And then when I was very young he insisted we move a very large rock to another part of the yard.

“No,” I told him. “It’s much too heavy.” We were both very young.
But he insisted and so we both bent over to pick it up. He on his side and I on mine.

Sweat pouring. Trying to  walk.

“I can’t hold it,” I told between breaths.

“Oh yes you can,” he urged and kept walking.

But I was right. I couldn’t.

It dropped from my small hands and landed on our feet. Two big toes crushed beneath the large rock. Ouch.

And the last thing I remember was each of us wearing a big yellow lemon on our big toe covered by a sock. He was certainly not happy with me that day.

Yes, he passed away much too soon. And I miss him every day.

But the memories shine brightly lighting up today with smiles and laughter.

Let’s keep making shining memories today that will brighten the lives of those follow us.

Slow down. Seize the moment.

Lick the ice cream cones. Fly the kites. Play the games.

Make those memories.

Shining Moments

It’s more than another day today. More than just another number on the calendar.

It’s my birthday and my girls have been determined to make it special from morning to night.

My mother said I was a Sunday child. Born on a Sunday evening while others were at church. That’s when I decided to enter the world and begin my life.

Shining moments of birthdays with homemade chocolate cakes and cold icing come to mind. Always served with chocolate ice cream.

Surrounded by family.

Blowing out the candles and making a wish.

Don’t tell, I would be reminded, or it won’t come true.

For years I would wish for something big like meeting Roy Rogers or getting a new bike.

But in the past few years I would wish that a dear one would live to celebrate another birthday with me.

Surprises and cards. Laughter and games.

The pink streamers blow gently with the breeze. And my cup is full and running over.

I have seen many changes over the years of my life

      And the wonders of technology still leave me breathless.

      But as a result I am able to send and receive birthday greetings with many more friends than I ever thoughts possible. Doesn’t that thrill you?


Abundant gifts.

And deep within my heart whispers praise to the One who continues to give me life

      And love

        And laughter.

The One who wraps His arms around you and me and draws us close.

The One Who is not only more than wonderful but opens our eyes to see the good,

    the lovely, the truth.

And even though our technology is advancing

   He delights in writing His Love in every leaf

          And every flower

             And every sunrise.

Our hearts draw close to each other as we praise Him.

Blessings abound.

Sunshine all over.

Surprises soon to come.

Hug your loved ones and appreciate each other.

Life is too short to be wasted.

No, let’s blow the bubbles and celebrate the moments.

Join me will you today?

And thanks for taking a few moments to read these simple blogs.

Our hearts are knit together.