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Reflections On Faith

“But how do I grow a big faith?”

I remember years ago listening to a sermon about little faith and big faith. It struck me that day and now, many years later, I still remember that sermon. There was no doubt about it. My faith was small.

And I longed for a big faith.

Yes, I wanted to be able to walk on water.

To do great things in His Name.

To believe and see.

I yearned to be free from fear and to experience the fullness of life.

Instead I was trapped by fear and lived a very careful life.

That sermon showed me where I was but also gave me a vision of where I wanted to be.

It started me on a journey of reading about faith, seeking more and asking.

“Ask and it shall be given unto you.” (Matthew 7:7)

Somehow along with my awareness and prayer for more faith a change began to happen.

Trials came. Storms. Problems beyond my ability to protect myself.

I needed God

    and He stepped in.

It didn’t happen with any shouts or jolts or wild waving of arms. No instead my faith grew quietly.

In the midst of impossibilities I saw with my own eyes

    The Divine Yes.

Before my eyes He settled the storms and gave peace.

Where there was emptiness He brought life and fullness.

Where there had been turmoil and doubt He brought No Doubt.

The adventure of faith is one worth living.

Sometimes He shows Himself through the wonder of a little child

     Other times through the touch of an aging person.

Sometimes He splashes His grace across our lives in wide brush strokes

    And then other times it’s just a dot here and a teeny glimpse there.

But it’s always Him

      The Master Artist painting His Love before us in a way that we will know.

Knowing changes everything

     It is only the beginning of seeing more.

Is your faith small these days?

Are you battling fears?

Ask for faith. For more faith.

That’s a prayer He loves to answer.

Choosing Peace

Although it’s important to choose to see what we could do rather than what is, it is vital that we balance that with an acceptance of what is. Hmm, sound strange? Let me try to explain.

A few days ago I badly bruised my right hand. For days I have not only been nursing it but also learning to do things in crazy, different ways to minimize the pain. Anything from zippering a coat, to turning the key in the ignition can cause the fire of pain to shoot through my body.

While I think ahead to the time when my hand will be healed and I will be back to my normal, active self, I also am learning to have peace in today. Adjusting my plans. Not doing some things I would very much like to do. I am receiving the peace of what is rather than making myself miserable because I am limited and in pain.

Life is filled with challenges. You face them as well as I do. Through it all He whispers His Peace and tells us to ‘hope in God’ (Ps 43:5). I love that, don’t you? It takes all the pressure off.

Hope in Him to give us healing grace in the moment and all our tomorrows. Hope in Him to change our circumstances. Hope in Him to use everything to bring glory to His Name

‘For I shall yet praise Him’. More prayer, more patience, more waiting and the result will be blessing.

I have found it to be this way hundreds of times. Have you?

So let’s remember all through the day to place our hope in God.