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Moving To Maine

I couldn’t be at a more aesthetic setting.

A gentle breeze blowing my hair.

The smell of sea air and the sound of happy voices.

Voices of young and old enjoying the ocean in July.

The sun shines bright warming the beach

and giving all a one of a kind day.

It’s not often like this, is it?

No there are days and days of plain hard work

Where we struggle to just get through.

But today…

         today shines with a promise of all good things.

For me, maybe a touch of heaven gold.

Why I even have my newly bought guide to

“Moving To Maine” by Victoria Doudera.

It’s a dream I’ve had for some time –

To live by a place near the sea.

To write and continue to serve people.

And on a day like today

I almost feel like it could happen.

Only God knows.

But one thing I do know is that one day I am moving.

My last final move.

After living in Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri and Virginia

I’ll finally leave for my true home;

My home in heaven with the Lord.

There it will be like everything I’ve always imagined

And more.

The ocean, soft breezes, flowers, birds singing,

The awesome blue sky with dazzling white clouds

And most of all

Yes, most of all, the Lord.

Those places that draw our senses to peak levels

will culminate one day in a place

A place that is grandeur than we can even imagine.

Are you moving there with me?

The grandest things here on earth pale in comparison

To the One Day with the Lord of all.

So I will read and enjoy these precious earthly moments

knowing that One day it will all be better than

I can possibly imagine.

Maine. Am I moving to Maine?

I have no idea.

But I am one day moving.

Are you coming with me?


Just Imagining

I remember the first time I heard the song I Can Only Imagine years ago.

Actually 1999.

It moved me to tears thinking of what I would see in heaven. One day.

Being with the Lord.

Walking by His side.

Forever in His Glory.

Joy filled my heart just trying to imagine it.

Then in 2009 my beloved mom went home to be with the Lord and at her request

I Can Only Imagine was played at her funeral.

Tears.  Thinking of her walking those streets with the Lord.

Surrounded by His Glory.

Hope filled my heart as I thought of being with my mom again

and together being with the Lord. One day.

The song brought comfort to my aching heart.

Recently I saw the movie I Can Only Imagine and was moved to tears

as the story of redemption and forgiveness and hope unfolded.

Have you seen it?

This story that touched me deeply. I wept through the whole movie.

My heart feeling the pain of the son who was emotionally and physically abused. Overflowing with emotion for his father who inspired him to write the song.



Simply hurting.

What a powerful reminder that forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness restores.

And forgiveness is possible.

How about you?

Do you struggle as you remember a loved one who is no longer here?

Daily dealing with grief and loss?

Daily feeling the emptiness of life without them?

And how about forgiveness—

Do you or someone you know need that story, that clear reminder that forgiveness

changes lives…even if that person is long since gone.

Breathe in the hope of forgiveness and grace.

Let it seep into those aching places of your soul and begin a work of healing.

Yes, it’s a song and a movie worth experiencing.

Let me know if you’ve seen it and how it was for you.

And together let’s imagine what it will be like…

one day.



Shining Moments

Coming home

arms embracing. Hugs and excited greetings.

I love homecomings. Don’t you?

A few years ago I flew home from Russia with little Jenny.

She was two at the time

no idea what was going on

how her whole world had changed with the adoption.

As the plane circled Washington DC

I could hardly wait to see my oldest.

She had been the strongest supporter of my adoption of Jenny

constantly cheering me through the lengthy process

but the separations were hard.

She on one side of the ocean

and I on the other

held together by His Love that will never let us go.

I drew Jenny closer to me as I felt the plane descending.

Just a few more minutes and I’d see her.

“I’ll be wearing a Santa hat,” she’d told me on the phone.

I closed my eyes and pictured her

dancing brown eyes,

dark curly hair.

I tried to imagine what our meeting would be like.

Seeing myself running towards her

while I held tiny Jenny.

Well, I might not run too fast with the cold I had picked up

but my joy would be overflowing, for sure,

I don’t like separations

and partings.

No, not since the time I was very young and spent months away from my family.

But coming home?

There is nothing like it.

As I mused, I suddenly felt the wheels of the plan touch the runway.

Excitement raced through me.


very soon I would hold both girls in my arms.

Minutes ticked by while the plane slowed to a stop

and we finally were able to disembark.

“Ready, Jenny?” I said looking into her eyes.

“You are just going to love your big sister.”

She stared back at me having no idea what I was saying.

Holding Jenny with one arm

I balanced my purse and carryon with the other.

Soon, I kept telling myself as I walked.

Soon and very soon.

And then I walked through the doorway and entered a huge area

With people lined all around

some cheering and calling out names

others waving their arms.

My eyes scanned the crowd

looking and looking

back and forth as my heart beat loudly.

And then I saw my sweet girl

Santa hat and all

waving her petite arms at me and a smile that lit up my world.

Tears stung the back of my eyes.

“Thank you, Lord, for bringing me home.”

Together at last.

Homecomings. Glorious gatherings that remind me of that time

when we will walk across to heaven

to be greeted by all those who have gone before.

Scanning the faces

looking hard to see the faces that are so very dear.

For now, it might seem very long.

Our longing to hold and embrace is strong.

But there’s a great day coming and I can hardly wait.

How about you?

Just imagine what it will be like…….