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Seeing With Your Heart

Many years ago I worked in a Head Start program for the summer.

Precious memories of those energetic four year olds flood my mind.

All different colored eyes and shapes.

A variety of backgrounds

Two wearing glasses and some struggling with very simple skills

but all so eager to learn. For school.

I was preparing to be a teacher and loved this chance to work with these kids –

many whom had much less of this world’s advantages than I.

I left early to go to work each day. As if I couldn’t get enough of my time there.

Giggles and laughter.

Learning and growing.

I remember sitting at

the large wooden rectangular table

at snack time. Littles ones on each side.

Wiggly  bodies. Tiny little hands. Beads of sweat on their noses sometimes.

Dimples. Grins.

They’d chatter back and forth and I absorbed every moment of their delightful company.

For the first time I knew that I was in my niche.


My eyes saw treasure and potential and value.

But my heart pulled me to look beneath the surface

and so I gazed with wonder.

I did the math and saw that the year I was 16

they were born.

Me, dealing with Latin, Geometry, friends, music and so much more

and their tender lives just beginning.

Me, living with advantages  and them with so little. Heartbreaking little.

Some needing a good bath and their nails clipped.

Others obviously needing so much more. Why was it so?

My heart saw their innocence. Their worth.

My heart saw their possibilities.

My heart saw their disadvantages

and I longed to do more

be more

give more.

Yes, the years have passed but I still see those precious little ones

and am grateful for that brief summer

when I was privileged to work with them.

All around us are folks with many, many needs.

It is all too easy to not even see them.

to be blind to the disadvantages, the needs whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual of another.

But we must resist that tendency – the numbing of our senses.

Lord, open my eyes and help me to see

and open my heart to respond to the needs calling to us all around.

See with your heart and it will change your life.

It continues to change mine.

How about you?



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Suddenly She Smiled And Everything Changed

You are not ordinary.

Absolutely not.

No one is ordinary. Everyone we meet is one made in the image of God.



Alive because of Him.

A few days ago I went to a place of business.

The dreaded decision was made.

They either give me a promo or I’d have to drop the TV.

I stepped to the counter and faced a tall, serious faced woman.

My heart dropped.

Suddenly I noticed her gorgeous earrings.

Beautiful blue dangling earrings. They looked so attractive on her.

She checked the computer in front of her

busily pulling up my account

while I watched those beautiful earrings.

I felt happy just looking at them.

“Those are lovely earrings,” I commented.

Immediately her face lit up. She smiled at me

and began telling me where she’d bought them.

An impersonal, ordinary moment was

suddenly transformed with light

as we spoke.

Her smile warmed my heart

and it didn’t really matter anymore

about the account or the changes I must make.

We spoke a few more minutes and then I turned and

I walked out of the building but with a lighter step and a happy heart.


Maybe it was because I had touched the life of another woman

on an ordinary day.

A woman who struggles with bills and pressures and deadlines

just like I do.

And in that few minutes of sharing we built a path of understanding

and care.

Yes, everyone who crosses our path is human too.

No one is ordinary!

For a long time I will hold that memory in my heart

of that woman with the lovely earrings

and of the difference that it made when I spoke to her with kindness.



Shining Moments

“Are you sisters?” she asked my four year old.

“Yes, we are sisters,” I heard my youngest daughter answer.

“No, but are you REALLY sisters?” she persisted.

Curiosity. Maybe.

 I knew what she meant.

Biologically speaking. Blood sisters.

And then my oldest piped in

   “We are now.” Both girls exchanged a smile. Happy.

I smiled observing how smoothly they had handled the question.

Adoption has given us an opportunity

   to discover so much about relationships.

Motherhood springs from not only the body

   but most important

   the heart.

I had not known

  until I adopted

  how deep those bonds go

  how much you can love a child

     created by God

     and birthed by another.

Love makes a way for hearts to attach,

   families to be created,

    and new relationships to grow.


Its so much more than simply living under the same roof.

It’s sharing

   and laughing.

It’s caring

  and helping.

It’s beauty shop times and homemade bracelets.

Playing dress up

   and whispering secrets.

Tender little notes passed back and forth.

Both born in Russia

    many, many miles from each other.

Sharing a common background

   and the same home

   same mom.

Sisters in the deepest way.

Adoption has enabled us all to



         and love

             knowing that hearts grow close over time.

God’s gifts abound as we learn to see people with His eyes

  and as we allow ourselves to think beyond our often narrow limits.

“Let the little children come to Me and stop keeping them away,” Jesus said. (Matt. 19:24) “because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these.”

Let’s reach out and mother and father the orphans

        Let’s take that step and be a sister

                                                or brother. Move into the need

and do something.

As we follow Him we will discover that it was His idea all along.

Relationships based on hearts knit together by love.