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The Power Of Writing Your Story

Quiet. Reserved.  Never causing any trouble.

Yes, that’s how I would have been described as a young girl.

But deep within me there were stories to tell.

Certainly I wouldn’t share them – constant moves, grasshoppers on Sunday dresses.

No, you could count on it that I wouldn’t share.

Those marvelous tales of firework grandeur on a Kansas City back yard

     with beloved grandparents

    would be kept hidden along side

    the tales of my mom’s polio and the doctor’s surprising visit

   to our small home.

    Three young children getting shots that night

    to protect us from the dreaded  disease.

Scribbles in my spiral notebook would be kept  from all eyes but mine.


    I experienced pain and loss, embarrassment and disappointment

  and suddenly I realized that maybe



               my simple story would encourage another on life’s journey.

     So I typed out my story on an old electric typewriter

        and mailed it to a magazine who was accepting submissions.

Never thought about it again.

Even my English teacher from college knew that I couldn’t write well.

But that didn’t matter.

No, it was as if in the writing of my experience

    I began to discover my own voice.

    My shyness fell away

       and suddenly I could talk. Yes, I could talk.

Freedom. Release. Exhilaration.

I’ll never forget that day I received an acceptance letter for that story

    along with a small check.

Suddenly it hit me.

I’m a writer. A real writer.

But it wasn’t until long after when that simple experience was published

   and I received letters and notes of gratitude from others

   who had been helped by my telling it

that I realized

   that this was something I could do.

I could write my story and not only connect with others

  but even more than that.

Others could be encouraged and strengthened too.

Others could celebrate with me God’s goodness and purpose.

Others could see a light that would help them find their way

    through a dark, sometimes, difficult journey.

Writing can open doors that were thought long closed.

Writing can give voice to thoughts and experiences.

Writing can enable one to leave a legacy for the future.

Writing can be

     for you

     a way to make sense of broken pieces. A healing place.

Writing can be the most important thing you ever do.


I’d love to have you join me

   Write Your Story- Discover Your Strengths

   September 4-October 9

    6    60 minute classes


   Lively discussions.

   Simple tools that will show you how to begin writing

    a piece or all of your life story.

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Deep Within

Inside of every seed is the power to break through the darkness

and inside of every person is the ability to rise from hardship.

Knowing that potential makes all the difference.

For me.

For you.

Because life can be hard

and the journey long.

Pain and devastation can crush the will to even live.

But then down there deep

where only God can see

is that precious seed of hope

just waiting to be watered into life.

Sometimes it’s the gentle word of a friend

or a tender hug

or even a cup of tea.

Sometimes it’s the friendship of one

who comes beside

and doesn’t leave.

More often than not their act of simply listening to the brokenness

rains mercy drops from on high on the weary soul

giving hope that



there will be a way to go on.

Tenderly cradled in that place of care

one begins to see that there is more.

More than their present difficult situation

More than the vast devastation all around.

More than that painful loss and cruel dashing of dreams.

Yes, one begins to see the light of possibility.

And with that outstretched hand of hope

one begins to think


just maybe I can overcome.

He comes to our lives in different ways whispering that truth.

Hope after darkness.

Song after tears.

Healing following illness.

Life after loss.


Yes, deep within each one

is that seed to overcome any adversity.

His Power works deep within

calling us to take His Hand and arise.

Ever present healing and hope

for all.












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Walk In My Shoes

Nothing could have ever prepared me for that day.

No amount of teacher preparation courses or years of experience could have helped.

But on that day so many years ago when I saw my first grade student standing at the door

fidgeting with her dress, looking so small beside her mother

and with a big white patch over her eye

I knew that I had to do something.

Something to smooth the way for her to re-enter not only the class but life.

A tragic accident had suddenly left her without sight in one eye.

I cringe today so many years later remembering …..

My students and I had fixed a large box for her

filled with presents, notes and cards

but in that age long minute while she stood

looking at everyone

while everyone stared back at her

I sensed the great need to provide a healing bridge.

I walked over to her and spoke a few words

I watched as her mother left and wondered.

Would it be alright?

Would this nightmare begin to turn around?

I led her to her seat and all the boys and girls waited

and watched.

As I moved back to my desk all of a sudden I knew what we needed to do.

Walk in my shoes-

See life through my eyes –

Thoughts that were printed on my heart from years earlier.

Others never know

until they begin to see life through your eyes.

“Boys and girls, we are all thrilled that Ellen (not her real name) is back with us

and so we are going to do something different today.”

I picked up a piece of white paper and folded it into a square.

All eyes followed me as I taped the paper over my one eye.

Suddenly my vision was sharply diminished.

I couldn’t see on one side at all without turning my head.

Teach all day?

But then I glanced back at my student and knew that I had to do something.

While this precious child watched, all her classmates made and taped on a white patch.

Our room was transformed into a classroom of students and a teacher all wearing a patch over one eye.

What a sight!

Nervous giggles could be heard.

“I can’t see very good

Ugh, this is hard

Wow, how long are we going to HAVE to wear this?”

First graders are so real – so honest.

Well, we wore our patches that whole day adjusting ourselves to the limitations of only having one eye.

I will never forget it.

Walk in my shoes

See life through my eyes!

Do you know someone who is different

a struggler on life’s journey? An elderly person who just can’t go fast.

A young child with legs that don’t reach.

Build a bridge of understanding – it’s so important that we begin to understand, my friends.

You will not only touch their life

But in the process you’ll also change your own.

And together we will light this world

making shining moments to be remembered for years and years.



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