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Can One Possibly Grow Young?

Stay young?  Ridiculous.

How about grow young?  You can you know. Crazy as it might seem.

Many  children taught me how over my years of teaching.

You see, it is all too common when you give a test

for each wrong answer to be circled

often in glaring red

and the number  of wrong answers placed on top of the paper.

At least this was how it was done years ago. Maybe things have changed.

As I’d walk around the room passing back the tests

I saw how my students would hang their heads and slink down in their seats.

Embarrassment written all over their bodies.

Students trying to peak at each others sheet to see if possibly they had done better.

Nothing conducive to education.

Nothing that inspired a student to achieve and master a skill.

Shame. Pain. Guilt.

Crumbled papers. Tear filled eyes.

I ached at what I witnessed again and again. Precious young  children.

So I began a new practice. I put away the red pencil

and chose hot pink, lemon yellow, sky blue and lime green.

Bright. Happy colors.

Circled the answers that were correct and placed that number

in big bold color for them to see.

Eyes danced. Smiles replaced fear. Strength.  Hope. Young.

I spoke about the process of learning and the importance of

paying attention to what they got right.

We went over the skills again and again but with a growth emphasis.

Truth. Wisdom.

I saw the difference in how quickly my students began to learn

and  how eager they were  to master a skill.

Weakness  overcome by strength.


Grow young with me today and receive His grace for every mistake and every wrong turn.

Glimpse the wonder of Him covering you with bright, glorious colors reminding you of

the times you followed Him and obeyed His Voice.

Open  your heart to His understanding and patience.

Covering you with His amazing love.

Grow young with me today, my friends.

Dance with the freedom of living in His grace.

Wonder. Awe.

His Way is not ours.

He rights every wrong and gives new beginnings whenever we turn to Him.

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
    they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; Psalm 92:12april 2015-2


Shining Moments


Just the sound of it sends excitement through me.

Yes, from the time I was a little girl  growing up

in the Catskills of New York

I’ve had a love affair with snow.

We’d walk back and forth to school

No matter how deep the snow.

Stumping it with our boot covered feet.

Me, dodging snow balls and my brother throwing them

to the boys across the street from us.

Snowmen and snow forts

and bowls of snow ice cream.

When I moved south to Virginia

the snow followed me.

I’d be as excited as the first graders I taught

watching the  small flakes grow bigger and bigger.

Seeing it pile up on the fence posts

and on each tree limb.

Happiest of memories was getting that call

early in the morning

announcing that school was cancelled.

Change of schedule

Time to play.

Blankets of whiteness all over.

Turning the pages of the wordless book in Sunday School.

Black for my heart was black with sin

until my Savior came in.

Red for his precious blood I know

has washed me white as snow.

There it was again.

The white page. Snow.

Everything washed white and clean.

A new beginning.

Sins forgiven. His matchless grace.

In the south they speak of ‘calling for snow’.

Sounded strange to me when I came down here over thirty years ago.

Who calls for snow?

Seems it is the weathermen.

Sometimes they call for it but it doesn’t ever come.

Childrens’ noses pressed against the glass

Mothers’ worried eyes.

But it doesn’t come.

But then other times they call for it and it comes.

God is the Author and Creator of all.

We watch again as I write this blog.

We wait to see if perhaps we will be blessed with

the miracle of snow again.

I hope so. Its beauty always thrills me

But we will see.

One thing is true though.

His blood,

His precious blood

Still washes all our sin away when we bring it to Him.

Wonderful miracle of grace.

No one is ever disappointed.

Amazing grace that keeps cleansing us from all our sin.


Shining Moments

Crash! The sound of shattering glass filled the air.

I turned my head to see what had happened.

There on the floor lay a million pieces of broken glass


there stood my youngest daughter looking at me with horror in her eyes.

Who has not been there

either as the one who has dropped something


as the other person,

the onlooker?

I’ve been both at various times in my life.

I’ve broken things


needing the grace and understanding of others.

I’ve also been the onlooker

needing to give grace and understanding.

Both places are hard.

Time stood still for a few seconds.

I glanced at the broken pieces

and my mind wandered back many years

to the time that my mom and I bought it.

Beautiful memories of holding the tall globlet etched with gold

and bearing a delicate Christmas design.

Yes, we bought one at a time until I had 4. It could not be replaced.


But then my eyes took in the pain of my daughter.

The surprise and sadness that she felt


in that instant I knew that she was more important than a million glass goblets.

Like the One Who continues to hold out His arms to me

I  stepped toward her and opened my arms to her.

In that precious moment I held her

whispering reassurances

wiping away the pain and disappointment

healing the wounds.

Glorious shining moments.

It’s a moment that I will long remember.

A time when I had a choice

and I stepped forward to give grace.

Who has not been there?

We are all beggers

needing His grace and forgiveness.

But for the grace of God

there go I think day after day.

No one is better than another.

We all are desperate for Him.

But He comes to us with outstretched arms

saying welcome home.

Let Him embrace you today

no matter what you’ve ever done.

There is nothing that can’t be forgiven and healed.

Goblets or children?

Which is more important?

The souls of people of all ages

are hungry for His grace and forgiveness.

Is there someone you need to forgive today?

His grace is sufficient. Always and always and always.

Receive it first

and then go out and pass it on.