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Reflections On Good Friday

As the afternoon continues I glance at the clock.

Good Friday. Three o’clock in the afternoon.

My heart wanders back to my Lord’s crucifixion. Sigh.

No matter how I try to understand, I can’t. I don’t.


But this I know. He took my place. He bore My sin. And yours.

He took upon Himself the sin of all the world and willingly died so that we might live.

Awesome thought.

Tears press behind my eyes as I type these simple words.

Do you feel His Love  today?

In a world that rushes quickly from Christmas carols to Easter eggs, don’t let this moment be stolen from you. It’s all too precious. Too dear.  Beyond words to ever language.

 The depth of love poured out before a watching, needy world.

Let Him wrap His strong arms of love around you today and draw you close to Him.

Hear Him whisper words of love over you today. Feel His Compassion and Care.

Yes, the world all around us hardly gives a nod to the significance of this day but that does not diminish its importance. It never will.

I gave my life for you. What hast thou given for Me? *

His Love demands my all, I know.

Give thou thyself to Me. *

Yes, Lord, my heart cries again.

Yes, may it ever be yes.

I am Thine O Lord.



 * Hymn-I Gave My Life For Thee-Frances Havergal’s first hymn

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday

I got out our decorations for Easter this morning. Baskets and eggs.

A Happy Easter wall hanging.

A handmade dolls from Ukraine.

And a few priceless hand decorated eggs.

Just looking at them brought back memories of time spent in Ukraine a few years ago.

Memories treasured in my heart.

I traveled to Ukraine to adopt a little girl. And although my oldest who was eight at the time and understood my need to go, was left behind, the separation was difficult.

But the longed for prize of bringing home her little sister was worth it.

The adoption system was different in Ukraine than Russia where I had gone before.

My facilitator drove me from orphanage to orphanage seeking a little girl of toddler age.

It was days until I finally met a sweet blond hair and blue eyed two year old in an orphanage right outside Kiev. I played with her and tried to connect that one afternoon.

Then after leaving the orphanage I was driven to a nearby market to buy clothes, etc to bring my little girl home. What fun I had buying pink overalls and sweater, pink tops and a small pair of pink shoes. I also bought some hand painted eggs and a handmade doll.

My spirits were high as we drove back the next morning to the orphanage. But shock and disappointment set in as I was told that I could not enter the orphanage. That little girl was no longer available.

Later that day I wept looking at all the things I had purchased to celebrate her adoption.

It was a Good Friday experience. For days, weeks, months and years I did not know that God was working behind the scenes.

But one day it all changed. Easter broke forth in glory as I traveled to meet Jenny in Russia.

Where are you today?

If you find yourself in the period between Good Friday and Easter morning, take hope.

Your God knows your every need. And He will not delay His Answer.

These beautifully painted eggs remind me again that He is faithful. Always.

Our answers are often as intricate as these hand decorated eggs.

The tears may fall. The heaviness of disappointment real.

But Easter is coming.

Get ready!