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Shining Moments

The moment I laid eyes upon it

I knew that it was special.

An extra soft, pink baby blanket.

Even as I bought it that Saturday so many years ago

I pictured myself covering my little baby girl with it.

Little did I realize how special that blanket was to become.

I packed it carefully in my luggage

when I traveled to Russiain 1993.

Then I took it with me to the orphanage on the night

that extraordinary night, December 24,

when I dressed my baby girl

in her very own—just for her clothing

and walked out of the orphanage under the stars

holding my baby in my arms.

Wrapped in that super soft, pink blanket.

Sweet memories.

Through a move

and many life changes

she has held onto that blanket.

Yes, it became somewhat frayed around the edges

so we snipped a little here and a little there

but it’s still soft and beautiful

to us.

My heart reflects on the wondrous way our Lord

also wraps us in His Love and Grace

tenderly carrying us through life.

Shielding us from the jars and sharp jabs of life

here on earth.

Breathing over you and I with whispers of love and

words of peace.

You are loved with an everlasting love.

Let’s never forget that.

No matter what the circumstance

remind yourself of His covering you

and holding you close.

See His shield of protection surrounding you.

Rest in His Love even though all around you are difficulties.

Holding that little one as we rode the night train

to Moscow.

Holding her still as we flew through the air from Russia to the U.S.

When I look at that faded pink blanket

I remember how far we have come

and my heart rejoices in Him.

Wonderful care

giving us a marvelous picture of His Forever Love.

May I never forget!

Shining Moments

It was such a little thing at the time.

A small chipmunk running across low the stone wall.

We watched it scurry back and forth

    seemingly enjoying being the center of our attention.

My thoughts turned to the cold winter months wondering how he even survived

    up north.

How ever he did, this lively chipmunk was another one of God’s gifts.

Small in size but one of God’s creations.


And then a few days ago driving down the street

   we watched as a ground-hog tried to make his way across.

Those words “Oh look” had just been uttered

  when we saw him hit.

My heart sank.

For a few minutes there was silence in the car.

How sad it all was.

A little thing.


I hardly think so.

I honestly believe that God cares.

Since we read “But not a sparrow can fall without your Father knowing it.” (Matthew    10:29

   I know He cares.

   I know His heart is touched.

And if He cares for the sparrows and chipmunks and ground hogs, etc

   most certainly He cares for you and me.

Whatever touches us

      touches His Heart.

He is moved by our pain.

He is with us in our deepest valley. He is with us in our greatest triumph.


For the past few days I have struggled to write and put on a blog

     It has been difficult to connect with the internet.

I would just begin to load something

    and we would lose service.

    For hours.

So much of our world today is now dependent on the internet.

Everything stopped

   and it seemed there was nothing I could do to change it.


   there was.

I prayed

   and prayed

       and prayed.

And as I prayed I felt the soothing of His gentle Presence.

He had it all under His control.

In His time He would get us connected.

But for now I needed to wait on Him and trust.


A small thing, for sure, as you look at the bigger picture of life.

But I knew God cared.

My heart was stayed on Him.

So today when it got repaired

    and I’m finally able to quickly do so many things on the internet.

my heart rejoices and praises the One Who knows every detail of our lives

   and keeps loving us along life’s journey.

Teach me to trust, O Lord

   like all your created beings

     and to rest in Your Peace.