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Who Is Calling For Your Help Today?

An ordinary day. An ordinary walk.

Just my youngest daughter and I at the downtown mall.

Suddenly I heard the sound.

So faint I almost missed it.

“Please help me.”

I glanced around wondering where those words had come from.

My eyes fell on the form of an elderly woman crouched on the steps of a building.

I slowed my steps to look and I heard those words again.

“Please help me.”

My heart leapt with mixed longing and caution.

Alone she sat while people walked back and forth busy about their plans.

Her aged eyes met mine

and she spoke again. “Please help me.”

Placed before her on the brick walk was a solitary bowl containing a few bills.

I kept on slowly walking pondering the need suddenly put right on my path.

“Was she really in need?”

She was clothed simply as far as I could see. But those words pierced my heart.

As my daughter and I walked on past we softly spoke.

“We should give something to her,” we agreed.

I knew that we didn’t have much with us. And was this a genuine need?

In this day it is common to ask this question.

And then I thought again. My daughter –young and growing so quickly these days

was learning. What would my life teach her?

Caution? To hold tightly to what we have? To shut our hearts to the needs of another?

Lord, help me live with open heart and open hands, I prayed.

He knew the bigger need at that moment.

In the distance I could hear the shaky voice call again, “Please help me.”

And in that moment I knew.

Life is lived by giving;

not grasping.

By emptying ourselves;

not hoarding our treasured possessions.

By loving;

not selfishness.

It took only a few second until we stood in front of her.

We both rummaged in our wallets.

Time seemed to stop as I watched my daughter step forward

to place our offering in the bowl.

Multiply that simple offering, Lord, and bless this dear soul.

Yes, Lord.

In as much as you do it unto her you do it unto Me. (Matt. 25:37)

A sacred moment when we touched His Robe.

Let me never become so cautious and careful

that I miss an opportunity to join You in Your Work here

and I turn deaf ears to a cry for help.

“Please help me.”

Who is calling for your help today?

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Shining Moments

Give your life away……..

It’s meant to be a way of life.

Changing the focus from ‘me’ to ‘others’.

Not as another way for selfish gain but only to bless another on life’s journey.

That’s it. Period.

Funny how it works out sometimes.

Yesterday I was in a store at the checkout.

I usually notice the cashier’s name.

“Robin…such a pretty name. You don’t hear it often these days.”

She smiled and we talked back and forth.

As she rang up my items she noticed an energy bar.

Sometimes I treat myself with one.

“This is my favorite,” she said.

All of a sudden I had an idea.

“Could I go get another and give one to you?”

She shook her head. “No, it’s against company rules.”

My heart sank.

“No, I could get fired for that

but it was a nice thought.”

She finished ringing up my things and I tried to shake off my disappointment.

Then, like a glimmer of light I remembered those words –

it’s the thought that counts.

Powerful words of truth.

There was times when we all experience our best of ideas blocked;

our best laid plans sabotaged.

But let’s be encouraged knowing that simply the thought is powerful

even if we are not able to do it.

The generous thought sets off a ripple of actions lasting way beyond what we can see.

Give and it shall be given unto you.

My heart was blessed in knowing that I had done what I could at that moment and isn’t that

where all giving begins. Outcome doesn’t determine value.

So let’s keep on giving

one person touching another.

Yes, let’s give our lives away and in so doing we will discover more of our purpose in life.

rose1How about you? Will you join me?


Shining Moments

About a year ago my daughters and I spent time with some friends on their farm.

The memory of that day – the wide open sky, the vast field and grazing animals,

the laughter and time of fellowship is cherished in my heart.

It was one of those times when it hit me

like an arrow hitting its mark

how very blessed we are in this country.

And I realize that the smallest thing

when you think about it

oftentimes is an essential in other parts of the world.

When my eyes rest on a goat, for instance,

I see simply an animal- one of the Billy Goats Gruff –

while many others see a goat as meat and milk for a whole family.

I observe chickens

enjoying their cuteness and fluff

but others see eggs and meat.

I enjoy going to our local Farmers Market.

It not only is a feast for the eyes and a place to pick up some healthy fruits and

vegetables.  Flowers and baked goods,

but also a time to greet friends and neighbors.

But in so many parts of the world a Farmers Market or a simple stand by the side of

the road is the place to earn a living.

Open my eyes, Lord, and help me to see

that many things that I take for granted here

are essential for survival for much of the world.

My heart longs to move beyond awareness to actually doing more for others.

It’s all too easy to become lulled into complacency,

distracted by the tyranny of the urgent

meanwhile missing the most important things in life.

“What does the Lord require – to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

A goat,

a market,

clear running water,

bread and more.

My prayer longs to pour out mercy to a needy world

in a life of giving so that others may live.

Hearts that begin to see

hunger to do more

as we wade out into the ocean of need and away from the known.

Hearts that cannot rest until they discover His Peace

in being broken bread and poured out wine

in our world today.