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Pondering The Old; Expectancy for the New

Just a few more hours until 2018 is a memory.

My goodness what a challenging year it has been for me.

Hold and lose

Give and take

Gather and scatter

Build and remember

Years ago as a young girl in my twenties I discovered Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Her books are beloved friends on my shelves.

Recently I went looking for this small jewel “Gift From The Sea”.

Suddenly I discovered that this old friend touches

   my heart even more now than when I read it years ago.

Shells. Times in our lives. Relationships. The importance of the inner life.

Yes, this year has given me much to ponder. The challenges have settled somewhat

   and so I’m looking for meaning, seeking God’s purpose and peace.

Once more, I’m thrilled how the Lord seems to give me just what I need

   at each season of life.

Sometimes it’s an encouraging word.

At other times a precious hug.

But each gift has blessed my life and strengthened me to embrace life

   All of life-

   the good, the hard.

   the easy, the painful.

  with acceptance and thanks.

He knows the way that we take.

The Lord IS my Shepherd.

Yes, not was my Shepherd but IS.

What a blessed comfort that is.

I don’t know where you are in life as you read this.

Life can be so roller-coaster crazy.

So unexpectedly sad.

So suddenly painful.

But where ever you find yourself remember there is more to life than what you can see.

There is One Who knows and loves you

   And Who reaches into your heart whispering His forever love.

Shells are beautiful and I collect and treasure them.

But there are more shells to be discovered.

More of life to embrace.

More of His Love to know and to wade deep into.

Please know that I pray for you as I write these simple words

   and feel free to reach out to me if you so desire.

Yes, just 7 more hours now.

Let’s welcome the New Year with praise in our hearts

   and expectancy in our spirits.

Together let’s enjoy the gifts from His Hands. 



Open Your Eyes Today and See

Today is a bright copper penny day

and a shiny silver dime.

We were talking together this morning as we ran.

My youngest daughter and I.

One of those special heart to heart times

where the conversation just flows as we ran side by side.

I cherish these times more than I can language.

In the midst of the conversation I happened to mention gifts.

Yes, that we are surrounded every day on all sides with gifts.

It makes a great difference when we focus on these gifts that God has given us.

Write them down I encouraged

ten new ones every day.

All around us are 10,000 and more gifts.

and so we talked back and forth

When suddenly she looked down.

“A penny,” she cried and stooped to pick it up.

I glanced at the bright copper penny shining and smiled.

All around us are gifts

that more often than not we fail to recognize.

How many pennies have I passed by simply because I didn’t see them?

We kept on running and talking back and forth

when suddenly I noticed her stop again.

I looped back and saw her pick up another coin.

“A dime.” Her eyes met mine.

All around us are gifts

if only we look.

Slow the pace,

glance around,

look to see

expect it

and you too will see special gifts

treasured reminders that you are not alone

and that He has surrounded you with gifts to behold

to brighten your day.

It’s a bright copper penny day

AND a shiny silver dime.

Amazing treasures that set the tone.

How about you?

What have you noticed today?

Just look

you’ll see!bright copper penny days

O Lord, Do You Hear My Cry?

rose1My feet scuffle through the leaves enjoying the sounds and smells of the season.

I don’t seem to be able to gather enough of these fleeting  moments

And though for some it’s a reminder that winter is coming

for me Fall is a special gift to be  treasured. Always.

Perspective changes everything, doesn’t it?

As a child I have fond memories of raking enormous piles of leaves with my big brother

and then jumping wildly in them till we just couldn’t do it again.

Sounds of laughter filled the air.

Squeals of joy at being covered with piles of red, yellows, orange and brown leaves.

Giggles when coming up for air again.

A child’s playground all around in that part of New York State.

But then a few years later I remember vividly raking and raking a seeming endless  amount of  leaves

needing to bag each pile and drag it to the street.

Huge blisters and aching arms.

Suddenly Autumn leaves no longer held a charm for me

but spelled hard work,  pain and misery.

Today many years later

I scuffle through the leaves remembering the gift that for a time was painful

But still a gift.

Drowning in an ocean of leaves that seemed to accumulate as quickly as I could rake them

I cried out in despair.

No longer was I a young girl freely playing

no, I was older and needed to do my share of the work.

But gifts oftentimes do not appear to be gifts.

No, sometimes the gift is wrapped in hard work

difficult moments

blistering feelings and ripped heart strings

Relationship struggles that once seemed gift

but suddenly go wrong

Parenting challenges that stretch the heart and tax the mind

Bring one humbly down to our knees in cries for help and wisdom.

Still a gift, the Father whispers.

Look beyond the painful moment and hold onto the laughter of other times.

That day will come again.

You’ll see.

Our Father works behind the scenes

Hold on to the gifts He gives

and treasure them no matter how difficult it might seem in the moment.

Scuffling leaves

Leaves falling gently down outside my window this morning

remind me of His Love

and speak grace and hope

when the gift no longer appears to be gift.

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Always –