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Shining Moments

We called her Aunt Annie although she wasn’t my aunt.

Only a friend of my grandmother

   but throughout my childhood she left many shining moments

   and one in particular comes to my mind today…..years later.

When Aunt Annie came to visit she would usually stay 2 weeks at a time.

And one day during these two weeks she made chicken potpie.

Pennsylvania Dutch cook at her best

   she made sure to have the freshest chicken.

Smells came from the kitchen early in the morning on the day that

   Chicken potpie was being cooked.

Chicken was cut and fried

Dough was made and rolled out into big circles

   and then cut into small squares.

I’d come home from school and walk through the dining room

   admiring all the pieces of dough drying out on the table.

My mom and aunt worked hard all day it seemed

getting ready that one special meal.

Chicken potpie always had to be served and dandelion greens with hot bacon dressing.

So more chopping

    Bacon sizzling in the pan

     Eggs cooked

        More cutting and talking and talking and talking.

The day seemed to drag as I waited and waited for supper time to come.

An aroma of chicken and bacon and vinegar teased and tantalized

    hinting that the time was drawing near.

Then finally the grand moment came.

We all gathered around the table and took our seats.

Hands were joined while prayer was said.

A huge pot of chicken potpie sat on the table

    along with a big platter of chicken. Dishes of salad at each place.

My mom usually had sweat on her brow from the full day of cooking.

Aunt Annie was pleased with her efforts.

Yes, I remember the excitement my brothers and I felt as we looked at all the food

    and then at each other.

It was certainly worth the wait.

Time has come and gone now.

Aunt Annie went home to be with the Lord many years ago

    as well as my mom

       and my older brother.

I hold dear in my heart those special times of long ago

   when the family gathered close and shared those special times of togetherness.

Nourished on chicken potpie times

   and bonds of loyalty we grew to have a sense of family and love.

Like an old photo I treasure those special moments of old

   knowing that they were gifts of God to a young girl.

Family times around the table feed not only the body but also the souls

   of all who gather.

Holding hands as hearts are lifted to the One Who provided us with it all.

Shining moments that stir me to keep creating moments in today.

Chicken potpie?

   Well, maybe I will.

How about you? Do you continue some old family traditions around the table?

Feeding bodies and nourishing the souls.

Lighting a fire deep within that these relationships are yours to have and to hold

   in your heart for always.


Shining Moments

 There’s something about coming home, isn’t there. Yes, Dorothy had it right in the Wizard of Oz when she said there’s no place like home. Even today although I enjoy times of getting away, I love coming home. Bags packed. Heart beating wildly. That can hardly wait feeling. It seems no matter how old I grow, there is no place like home.

Years ago when I went off to college at SUNY of Fredonia I frequently rode the bus.

Back and forth. I knew the trip like the back of my hand.

But the memory that shines the brightest in my memory is the one of riding home from college to Owego, New York.

The minutes would simply drag as we stopped at each little bus station along that way. I could hardly wait to see my family and to hear the chatter around the table again. I could not only count on that but I could also count on a familiar sight at the bus station.

We would round the corner of North Avenue and pull to a stop in front of the familiar shop. Glancing around even before I stepped out of the bus I could see my Mom standing. Big smile on her face. Scanning the windows of the bus hoping to get a glimpse of me.

Better than a thousand Christmases was that look of joy on her face.

I carried my heavy white suitcase down the steps and then quickly dropped it to give my Mom a hug. Then we would both walk the couple of blocks to our home.

Yes, my footprints covered those smooth slate sidewalks.

Home. Owego was always my hometown. Even today my heart oftentimes  yearns to go back and walk the same sidewalks and see the familiar sights. Although many things have changed, some things have not. And my love for the town remains deep.

At home  I loved seeing my Dad and younger sister and brother. Time would stop as we basked in a few hours of togetherness before I would have to ride back to college.  The smell of homemade cookies filled the house.

Piano music playing. Laughter.

Yesterday’s joys brighten today as I thank God for those times and the special memories I hold in my heart.

Could it be God knows that as we journey those shining moments will continue to cheer our hearts? You have yours too. Cherish them. Don’t ever let them go. And keep making memories today.