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When Failure Leads To Success

Our family loves dogs and over the years we have had a few

 but one will always be extra special in my heart.

Savanna  was a beautiful, black labrador- trained to be a show dog,

but her sensitive personality made it difficult for her to perform before crowds.

That failure led to our adopting her as our family pet and

 oh what a precious dog she was for many years.

Her place was usually at my feet whether I was upstairs or downstairs. Right at my feet.

She played with my daughters and they dressed her with doll clothes and

 gave her a part in every activity.

Savanna rode with us in the car and loved the wind blowing on her face

when she put her head out the window.

She lived to the ripe old age of 15 and it was with great sadness that she was laid to rest

 but the lessons I learned from her live on in my heart today.

Fancy tricks are wonderful for a show dog but loving your family is a higher calling.

She truly loved each member of our family in a special way.

Her sensitivity became a marvelous strength in her role as a family dog.

She taught me the importance of being with me.

While many spend their lives doing, doing, and doing more, Savannah gently pressed her wet nose against my leg, curled up contentedly and enjoyed being in my presence.

Lord, help me to learn the value of spending time in your Presence contented to be with you.

Teach me the value of loving one person at a time rather than hungering for the applause of the crowd.

Let me see that what might appear as weakness to some is the greatest strength in the right place.

Help me to be patient with myself and give myself grace.

Yes, so many lessons she taught me and in my heart she lives on.

Thank you, Savanna. You will always be precious to me.

The Sweetest Christmas Story- part 7

As shared in my previous blog I knew that if nothing went wrong

I would soon be walking out of the orphanage with my sweet daughter.

But first there was the court date.

It loomed in its seriousness and I wondered what would be involved.

All  I knew was that I must appear alone before the judge.

The judge had the power to block the adoption.

It kept me on pins and needles whenever I thought about it.

Each day I would go to the orphanage and spend time with Jenny.

Sipping tea. Playing games. Talking. Beginning to build a bond.

She was very shy and kept an understandable distance.

But one day I was notified that this was the court date.


Not knowing what to expect particularly in a foreign country

caused me apprehension.

But  I tried to calm myself and  reasoned

if God had brought me this far

He would most certainly prepare the rest of the way.

He is faithful I reminded myself over and over.

I rode to the courthouse and waited awhile to be summoned.

When the summons finally came I pushed open  the door,

walked down a few steps

and took a seat in a medium sized room.

A number of people were seated all around the room. Everything was spoken in Russian.

Suddenly I heard my name.

My eyes were fixed on  the female judge up front.

I was told to stand so I rose to my feet.

All eyes focused on me.

Today, many years later, the details have all faded but one.

As I stood there nervously longing to just to get this over with

suddenly the judge looked at me and asked in clear, unbroken English,

“What will you do if you meet a man who wants to marry you

but he doesn’t want this child?”

Immediately I responded.

Everything in my heart cried out silently,

“She’s mine to love and to care for.”

But  very calmly and clearly I answered.

“If any man were to come into my life

and wanted to marry me

but did not want my child

I would say no.

I would not marry him.”

That was it.  A conscious decision made earlier and now verbalized.

My child- both of my children would take priority.

The judge looked at me and smiled a huge smile that stretched from ear to ear

and others nodded approval.

I knew I had been approved.

The adoption had made it through the court procedure.

That was the final big hoop to jump through.

Joy filled my heart as I walked – practically danced – out of the courtroom that day

and prepared to return to Moscow with my little girl.

Reflecting back at the moment so many years ago I am so glad that that question was asked.

Once more I saw that they cared not only for the children but also that that they

wanted them to be  adopted into stable families that would love them forever.

The sweetness of that moment blesses me today many years later.

How wise to make conscious choices before a situation even arises.

Choices to stand firm,

To follow the Lord,

To put His Will first no matter what.

To keep the commitments we have made.

Well, I’ve been privileged to mother my two daughters for many years now.

I could not have done it without the Lord’s enabling.

The One Who led me

continues to provide for all of our needs one day at a time.

It has not always been easy.

No, but the Lord has blessed us with many, many sweet moments

where His love shines through

reminding us that His commitment, too, is for always.






Shoes of Promise

5178_1096508691813_5325273_nI was looking for something else this morning as I pulled out the drawer

but my eyes fell upon a small pair of pink shoes and my heart skipped a beat with joy.

Shoes that were purchased in Kiev, Ukraine more than 12 years ago.

I had just left the orphanage after seeing a little girl with pretty blond hair.

“Yes,” I said when they asked if I would adopt her.

So they took me to the marketplace so that I could purchase clothes to fit her.

A pink jacket and matching pants.

Shirts and socks and a sweater.

And then my eyes fell on these shoes prominently displayed and I knew in my heart

that I had to have them.

Shoes that spoke of promise.

But the next day when I was driven back to the orphanage I could not enter.

No, for some reason, the adoption was called off.

Heart breaking moments to remember.

Back in my flat, I spread all those newly purchased clothes on the bed

and those pink shoes were in the middle.

Unanswered questions. Unspoken grief.  Heart broken with disappointment.

A few days later I flew back to the States only knowing that God had a Plan.

He knew my pain and walked with me over the next few months.

Those little pink shoes sat on my dresser as a constant reminder of His Promise.

Many months later evenst unfolded for me to travel to Russia to adopt a little girl.

Beautiful  in every way.

God’s chosen child.

I took with me that pair of pink shoes

and on the  day  I was to bring her home

I took them out of my purse

Just to see if, perchance, they would fit.

She sat on the carpet while I unbuckled them

and guided her tiny foot into one of them.

Cinderella perfect  fit. Shining moments all over.

Hearts overflowing that day

realizing again that God can always be trusted.

Delays do not thwart His Purpose.

Disappointments do not block the unfolding of His Time.

Beside me as I write are those precious shoes of promise

reminding me again

of God’s Faithfulness

all the time.

Allow the wonder of His Great Love to wrap itself around you today

No matter where you are

No matter how confusing your situation.

He will never fail you!

Amazing Love!

How can it be,

that Thou, my God, should die for me?